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"So I'm not crazy!"

I'm a preacher.  A mix of old fashioned and new fashioned.  The truth is I'm being fashioned in every new season of my life into the preacher God needs me to be to speak His truth to the world He loves so very much.

The fashion of speaking this past weekend was one that I was both nervous and excited about.  Nervous because I was going to rip open my chest cavity and let people see the inside-me, the guts me, the bloody mess me.  But I was also excited because it was being shard out of I Kings 19 and the confessions of one of my mentors, Elijah.

His confessions after his best day ever seemed pretty universal a few thousand years later and the permission they granted me to make my own pathetic confessions lead me to owe Elijah a debt of gratitude for "going first".

His confession under the broom bush...

1. I've had enough.
2. Take my life.
3. I'm no better than my ancestors.
4. I've been very zealous.
5. I am the only one.

I know as well as you that these…