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Day 6,662...a Kamiless home.

We dropped Kami off at school yesterday and said our tearful goodbyes.  We had spent a couple days with her at the college up to that point, so it wasn't just pulling in, unloading her stuff, and heading back home.  That made it a little less traumatic...hahaha.  We sorta eased into the final goodbye...there was an exit strategy, so to speak.
As we were driving home, I heard Heidi's phone receive a text and she told me that Kami wrote and said that there was a little surprise in the top drawer of the desk in her room for our family.  But beyond that, she left us to imagine what that could be.
When we got home, one of the girls went up and grabbed four notes that she wrote before she left.  One for her mom and I, one for the boys, one for Tay, and one for Aly.  When it was first given to me, I was still unpacking and I just wasn't in the frame of mind yet to read it.  So I set it aside and waited until later when I had the strength and attention to take it in.
As the night wor…

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