Leaving for college and a memory from 2006...

Today we take Kami to college.  I knew this day would come and for some reason it reminded me of a day in 2006 when I wrote down some thoughts on her little life and how quickly it would pass us by.  I will never regret being present for so many beautiful memories with her.  The memory of her first Daddy/Daugher dance was one of these snapshots of her life that I took time to record so that I could remember it on days like today...

Written in 2006 (Age 7)

The night was set, a royal ball
announced to every girl
in second grade the call goes out
throughout the halls of school.

"Bring your dad!" the poster says
"and dress with greatest care,
wear the finest gown you have,
and decorate your hair."

So as the day drew ever near
my daughter's eyes grew wide
I saw a sparkle in her face
a lightness in her stride.

Finally the day had come
and love was in the air,
My daughters squeel filled every room
her joy was everywhere.

Her dress was radiant and white
her hair put up in curls,
her legs were covered with her tights,
her neck was laced with pearls.

I walked toward her and bent to kiss
her little princess face,
She looked at me with happy eyes
and leaned toward my embrace.

She asked me if I couldn't wait
to dance with her that night,
I told her that I'd thought all day
of what it would be like.

She told me that this night was all
that she could think about,
All day long inside her school
she dreamed of getting out.

I found my suit and matching tie
and dressed to look my best,
I wanted this to be a night
that we would not forget.

We had a meal in candle light
with goblets filled with juice,
And as we ate this filling meal
she buckled up her shoes.

The patent leather shined with light
Reflecting from above
And as my daughter grabbed her coat
I felt a gentle shove.

She looked at me with widened eyes
And said to me, “Come on.”
She grabbed my hand and held on tight
As we walked through the lawn.

I opened up the door for her,
She climbed into the seat,
I could see her spinning mind,
This night would be a treat.

On our way we talked and laughed
Driving toward the dance,
She kept on looking in the mirror
To give her dress a glance.

She asked me if I liked her hair
Done up with pins and spray,
I told her that it made me scared
Of future wedding days.

She laughed and said she couldn’t wait
To wear a wedding dress
I told her not to think of that
Whole frightening scene just yet.

Just then we pulled into the lot
Where dads where parking cars,
Filled with girls dressed up like queens
Shining like the stars.

Arm in arm we walked the street
That led us to the door
Which opened to another world,
No girl could ask for more.

We got in line to register
and then the cameras flashed,
we smiled and hugged each other tight
then headed to the bash.

The room was dark, the music soft,
The tables filled with treats,
The DJ stood behind a booth
And played with sounds and beats.

Hardly anyone was there
We happened to be early,
I wondered what I was to do,
It felt a little squirrelly.

But as the minutes passed us by
The room was filling fast
With handsome dads and little girls
Ready for a blast.

Kami asked if we could dance,
And I was good to go,
The song was sung by Rascal Flatts,
How could I dare say no.

She grabbed my hand and then my side
We swayed with grace and ease,
I was tall and she was short
So I gladly bent my knees.

As the dance floor filled with dads
And daughters at their side
I felt her boldness raise a bit,
A lightness in her stride.

She spun and twirled to see her dress
Flare out and catch the air,
The disco ball was spinning slow
With sparkles everywhere.

It almost seemed like time stood still
as we embraced and danced
And you could tell her little heart
Was made to be romanced.

I leaned toward her and whispered soft
Into her little ear,
“I love you, babe, you’re beautiful.”
It’s what she loves to hear.

She kissed my cheek and looked around
Taking in the scene,
With sights and sounds that melt the heart
Giving sight to dreams.

The faster songs brought out a side
Of her I love to see,
The inhibition of a child
Foot loose and fancy free.

My sweat was dripping off my nose
As we jumped up and down,
Sometimes we were so into it
I stepped onto her gown.

We both would laugh and carry on
The time was flying by,
She didn’t want to rest a bit,
My legs were going to die.

The night was coming to a close
They played the final song,
“Butterfly Kisses” filled the room, 
The atmosphere was strong.

I felt a hand start tugging me
Out toward the filling floor,
My princess looked up at my face
With eyes I just adore.

As we walked out into the mix
And found our special place,
She wanted me to pick her up
And give her an embrace.

My shoulder was her pillowed rest
Her arms wrapped ‘round my neck,
And as I soaked this moment in
I gave her cheek a peck.

I tilted back my sweating head,
And tears began to flow,
How any dad could miss the night
I’ll never, ever know?

I thought of all the time gone by
And also yet to come,
And as the tears dripped off my chin,
It left my soul undone.

I did not want this night to end,
I’ve never felt such joy.
While Kami Rose was growing up
I became a boy.

A boy that got a second chance
To get out on the floor
Unhindered by the thought of what
I’d ever done before.

I owe so much to Kamryn,
The firstborn of my soul,
This dance was just the tip of what
She’s done to make me whole.

As I look back on that night
And memories unfurl,
I won’t forget the time I shared
With my beloved girl.


I love you, Kami.  I can't wait to see all that God has in store for the adventure of your future.  It's time to fly, kid, and I have a feeling you're going to soar like an eagle.


Anonymous said…
I loved this.

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