Dad, can I sit on your lap?

“Dad, can I sit on your lap?”

I was on a daddy daughter date with Taylor and the movie had just started.  When she was younger, she always wanted to sit on my lap during movies, but I didn’t want to force anything.  These things change quickly, you know.  The theater was pretty much empty and we were sitting side by side getting settled in.  I folded up the armrest that separated us just in case she wanted to lean on my shoulder or even tuck herself under my arm.  I thought at least that initiative would communicate that I would take whatever affection she felt comfortable to offer.

It may seem odd that I’m thinking through affection with my youngest to this degree of nuance, but of all the girls, she’s the deepest and most abstract thinker of them all.  She can tell when I’m changing the conversation and can literally start answering my probing fatherly question before I complete it?  She can feel when I’m moving toward her for a hug.  She can smell any move I make before I make it.  When she holds my hand, it’s methodical.  When she snuggles at bedtime, it’s mechanical.  When she speaks her mind, it’s measured.  Put it this way, I don’t pull any fast ones on this girl.

As she’s gotten older and wiser, her personality has made it more difficult for me to stay affectionate with her and she with me.  She’s very tender, don’t get me wrong, but she thinks so hard and so much that I wonder if it makes every spontaneous occurrence almost predestined in her mind.  She knows things are going to happen before they do, almost like she’s gone to the future and come back to live it a second time. 

So she knows that when we go to dinner, I’m going to ask her questions.  She knows what the questions are going to be (at least most of the questions) and has answers (edited though they are) polished and pure, ready for delivery.  Sometimes I catch her off guard, but that’s just it…she’s on guard.  It makes natural conversation and natural interaction much less so when the guardedness is there.

So sitting in a theater pretty much by ourselves after dinner is somewhat predictable for her.  She loves that we’re alone (no survival of the fittest between her sisters to expend energy on) and that the night is about her (I keep saying things like, ‘If you want to’… ‘If that’s what you want’… ‘whatever you feel like’).  But she also has probably already lived the whole night out in her head and is on high alert for my next move and how she can “do what I want her to do” (did I mention she’s a pleaser on top of everything else).  This complicates matters all the more.  It’s hard to know what she wants cause she wants what will make the other party happy, whomever they may be.  She wants what I want.  In fact, she said no less than two times already on our date, “But is that what you want to do?”  You see how complicated even simple things are for her beautiful little mind?

So as we’re sitting in the theater, I am careful not to do anything that makes her feel like I want something, like she needs to do something to make me happy.  I don’t want her to hold my hand if she isn’t inclined to or to lean on my arm if she’s not in the mood.  I want her to relax into what she most naturally needs in the moment.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I’m watching out the corner of my eye wondering what she’s thinking and what she’s wanting.  It’s a cat and mouse game, really.

“Dad, can I sit on your lap?”

Those words reach my ears and send a signal down into the center of my soul like an electric current from a lightning bolt!  She wants to sit on my lap.  She wants to. 

I scoop her up into my arms and place her on my legs allowing her to shift and wiggle her body into a comfortable position, which she does for almost a minute before she finds the perfect contour that lets her reline back against my chest and see the movie without any imperfection.  (Did I mention she’s a perfectionist?)  So if something looks off, feels odd, or is slightly incongruent or out of place, it’s hard for her to relax and lose herself in the moment.  I could tell when she found the perfect position because her body went limp.  She was unconscious of her surroundings.  This is the perfect place for her little heart, a place she isn’t in very often.

It was a movie she had already seen (and I hadn’t), so every now and again she would lean back and say, “I love this part” or “I don’t like this part”.  After the scene would end, she would re-say the phrase of a particular character than she found intriguing.  It was beautiful.  I would also whisper into ear little lines from the movie that were unique, and she would smirk in agreement.

One time she grabbed my hand and put her fingers in between all my fingers forming a firm lock.  I’ve heard it described as “interdigitated” handholding.  This rarely happens with her for some reason.  She usually will hold my hand, but stiffly and stoically, like she’s holding a railing or a vacuum handle.  To be intertwined with her little hand was a gift that I received with great honor.  It was hard for me at times to concentrate on the movie because I was so immersed in these small movements within the story of Taylor and my life happening in real time.  I would move in and out of the movie, back and forth between its plot and my own, trying to make the most of every moment afforded me.

She was letting my rub my whiskers softly through her hair, combing it like a bristled brush.  I would kiss her forehead and her cheek without so much as a flinch.  She was open to my affection.  She was lost in the movie and the moment.  No pretention, no tension.  She was present.  No then or there, only here. 

Every 20 minutes she would shift her whole body around to find another position and I would fear that she’d snap out of the freedom and into a place of “trying” again, but she would seamlessly and thoughtlessly move into another trance which is called the “suspense of disbelief” in storytelling.  It is that place where you forget that you are doing something because you’re so enthralled and immersed in the thing itself.  Her body felt light and her limbs, limber.  Over and over again I wished to myself that I could freeze-frame time and stay there longer.  More than that even, I wished I could take this moment of child-like freedom and make her feel it all the time.  I know this to be a flight of fancy, but I couldn’t help but feeling the strength of that thought overtaking me.  I so much want her to be free.  She’s only ten and it seems her soul at times lives as if she’s carrying the weight of the world, the burdens of a 45 yr old widow.  I long to create moments where she can be young and juvenile even.  I want her to make mistakes because she’s not thinking about each and every consequence, paralyzed by “what if’s” and “if only’s”. 

If only but for a couple hours, we sat woven together like two peas in a pod, father and daughter, unfettered by the cares of this world. 

She sat on my lap last night.  And that’s saying a lot.


Anonymous said…
That's wassup! My girlfriend used to be like that with her dad all the time she told me and even now at 25 she's a daddy's girl and loves cuddling with him
Anonymous said…
I love City got my daddy for that when I was three I sat on my Daddy's lap I found something hard rubbing against my pussy cheeks can I put
Anonymous said…
My daughter like to sit on my lap, but latly I noticed that she has been grinding herself into my groin an getting off I hear her moaning and breathing a lil deeper. I don't want to upset her or make her upset .when she's doing it she says I love u and plz daddy let me sit on your lap plz . She is 9
Anonymous said…
My 10 year old niece grinds herself into my groin also, most times she's only wear her panties I hear her moaning and breathing real hard sometimes she really gets into it and push her body real fast back and forth after her panties are a lil wet and I have seen her orgasm .
Anonymous said…
My stepdaughter was 13 when ever she see me sitting around in gym shorts she would want to sit on my lap and move around a lot well I noticed my shorts were wet so next time I was in shorts I saw in shorts come back little skirt she didn’t pay attention to mirror leaning across from her but I was watching threw it when she was grinding her legs open she had no panties on after grinding a little she was rubbing clit so I couldn’t see but I’m mirror perfect I noticed this time her hand on laying on balls she noticed the mirror I pretended to watch tv she seem to get more excited and rapped hands around my cock as she grind then stroking it before she turned around to see what I was doing I closed eyes acted asleep so after a little while she got between my legs on her knees I kept eyes closed she pulls my cock out side of shorts she rub her self why playing with me after a little while she started sucking and rubbing her self she started really getting into it moaning with my cock in her mouth well seeing her do this got me excited real quick after few more minutes I could feel it building up in me I was thinking what to do because she thinks I am a sleep but before I could think any further I started to shoot in her mouth she was rubbing her self quick to my amazement she kept sucking swallowing why rubbing her self soon as she finished she put it away got up went to her room I didn’t tell her I knew it happened more times later.
Anonymous said…
I am getting the feeling that some of your readers have the wrong idea about your love of your daughters. It is not for sexual reasons that you enjoy your daughter sitting in your lap. It is so great that you can have a young lady sitting on your lap without getting aroused or turned on. Good for you and your daughters for enjoying each others bodies out of pure love.
Anonymous said…
My Daughter is 11 now and she is a certified daddy's girl since she was 4. Both of us love cuddling with each other because it it always measures our bond. Many times she does sit on my lap even when she's just wearing her t-shirt. I have to admit it does feel good and I do get aroused and of course now I think she is very aware. Trying ti keep it suppressed as much as possible but getting back to the original post it is an amazing bonding moment for the both of us as we are just care free in the moment.
Anonymous said…
My daughter is allowed to sit in my lap nude while we watch t.v an openly masterbate she is 9 .
Anonymous said…
I love reading these stories too as my 15 yr old daughter likes to sit on my lap after a bath while wearing only a short robe and panties. my cock gets hard when its between her bare ass cheeks. she slides around on it and I end up coming in my shorts. then i would go to my bedroom and jerk off thinking of her perfect body.
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