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The difference between "my boy" and "my son"...

“Caleb, did you know that you’re my boy?”
“Caleb your boy?”
“Yep, did you know that you’re daddy’s boy?”
“Yes.” He said with eye aglow.
I leaned in to kiss him while tucking his covers up tight around his neck.As I turned and walked toward his door to turn out the light, he spoke again.
“And your son.”
I thought I might have misheard him.So I turned back around and said, “What did you say?”
“…and your son.”
“That’s right, buddy, you’re my son.”
I don’t know why, but this statement coming from my 2-year old boy startled me.He was making a distinction that I’ve been wrestling with from the day we adopted our boys from Ethiopia.
I don’t know why, but it’s much easier to say that they’re my boys than it is to say they’re my sons.Even when I’m introducing my family to people I’ve noticed that I say, “I have three daughters and two boys.”Something about the word “son” feels awkward to say aloud.I feel bad saying that, but it’s the truth.
For some who adopt, the connection is immediate, th…

Things I tell myself from time to time:

Things I tell myself:
1. You're not that big a deal, relax.
2. You've been here before, don't sweat it.
3. Remember everyone is fighting a personal battle, be gracious.
4. But for the grace of God, there go I.  If you think you stand, take heed, lest you fall.
5. This too shall pass, soldier on.  Get a good night's sleep and see what it feels like tomorrow.
6. Don't demand from others what you don't demand from yourself.
7. Don't demand from others what you do demand from yourself.
8. Be ok with slow growth, that's how all healthy things grow.
9. Things will be ok if you take a day off and do nothing, seriously.
10. Remember your last mistake, learn from it, then forget about it.
11. You don't know as much as you think you do, be humble.
12. You're not going to be liked by everyone, deal with it.
13. Do a few things well, rather that many things poorly.
14. Do not be deceived that pressure is the same as power.  They feel the same; they are not.