You can't fake presence.  When you're present in
life, it's memorable...more than that, it's unforgettable.  Why?
Because it's rare.  Very, very rare.  We rarely meet someone who is
alive and well, living in the moment, awake to the pulsations of life
throbbing just under the thin veil separating seen from unseen,
physical from spiritual, temporal from eternal.

I'm learning that the miraculous is the obvious that we're finally
paying attention to.  It's not fantastical or paranormal, it's so
obvious that we miss it.  Something that only can be absorbed if
you're present.

It's funny...I was thinking about the word present and I saw this


This is what it's like to be feel like you're sent,
living on mission, living with intended and intentional purpose before
you get in the moment so that when you arrive in the moment, you
already knew you would be there and prepared yourself so that when you
were, you were fully, not partially there.  Not mostly.  Fully.

Pre-sent people live in each moment as if God sent them to it before
they got there.  They visualize the moment they are in as an ordained
slice of time, predestined, orchestrated, choreographed.  They don't
show up absent or distant or vacant.  They are there, completely and
holistically there.  Rather, they are here.  Always here, always
now...yet knowing ahead of time that the moment would come then and
there.  Strange, paradox, but this is the paradox of the PRESENT, the

Do you feel present today?  Are you alive in this moment?  Sitting at
your computer reading this script on this pixilated computer screen
are you fully there as I am fully here?  Are you living "while it is
called Today"?  Are you noting and noticing the hours in the day, the
minutes in the hours, the seconds in the minutes, the moments in the
seconds?  I hope so.  They are passing ever so quickly.

You are "pre-sent" today...may that allow the present to shimmer and
shine with a new resplendence.

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