Cheer-Leaders and Lead-Cheerers...

I don't know if you've picked up on this lately, but people are dying for leadership everywhere you look. They wouldn't necessarily name it that, but that's what they are starving for.

They would probably express their need for it in sighs of cynical resignation:

"You can't trust those in power."
"The hypocrisy of authority is sickening."
"The people who are supposed to be looking out for you only look out for themselves."
"All parents say they won't get in a divorce to their kids, and then do anyway."
"Pastors aren't any different than any other leaders, they are in it for vain-glory and money."
"It doesn't matter if you're from the Right, Left or Center...politicians are crooked."
"All leaders are liars."
"Teachers don't care anymore, they are just serving time in the prison of their tenure."
"Church is just a bunch of grown-ups who are really cover-ups."
"People aren't motivated my altruistic love anymore, there's always an agenda or angle."
"The best way to not be hurt is to never give your heart to anyone for any reason."
"Even if people say differently, you're on your own and it's best you start accepting that."
"People will take advantage of you given the opportunity. Don't close your eyes."
"Families - a bunch of fakers trying to look pretty in public while being ugly in private."

The vomit that comes out of people's mouth shows a "values-virus". They instinctively know it shouldn't be the way it is, but the best they can do is tell you so. Few are chiming in with a path to "what should be", and fewer still are living the change they want to see giving a picture of "what could be".

I love Jesus statement in Luke 4..."The Scriptures are fulfilled in your very presence." Leaders read what is longed for and prophesied and "become the change", actually "become the fulfillment of the longing" in the presence of the people.

We don't need more people skilled at pointing out the problems. We don't need more people joining the "critic choir", this is for the clods and curmudgeons. We don't even need more leaders to speak on, write on, blog on and carry on about "what's wrong and why". We need leaders who embody the pining cry of society, the ache of humanity. We need leaders to rise up and become the change they are peddling.

And you know what we need more than anything these days..."cheerleaders".

Leaders who are cheering people on. Leaders who are yelling out phrases of encouragement to the players on the field and the fans in the stands. "Let's go, let's go, L-E-T-S-G-O, LET'S GO!!" "D-FENCE. D-FENCE. D-FENSE." "Be Aggressive. B-E Aggressive. B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E. Aggressive!!"

We need leaders who will be the cheerleader, but even more, the lead-cheerer. The person who will cheer when everyone else has left the stadium in the 4th quarter. The person who will shout from the top of their lungs and live to the soles of their feet the words of life, hope, solution, action and passion even in the jaws of defeat.

Our world is crying for and dying for leaders.

They needs cheerleaders. They need lead-cheerers.

We have our fill of trouble-shooters, problem-solvers, ax-grinders, hair-splitters, and belly-achers. We need vision-casters, team-builders and cheer-leaders.

Man, do we need them.


Kate Andre said…
Jason, a couple of days ago I was talking politics with Mom. We don't have a TV and she's got Fox News running all day, so we're quite the pair :)

It essentially came down to just what you said. We need real leaders. Everyone can see what the problems are, but who is willing to start taking some ground against them?

Loved this post.

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