final day of vacation...

well, tomorrow we hit the pavement due west. We've had a spendid time basking in the sun and just simply letting life have it ways with us. Like I said in a previous post, it's been quite some time since I've let life take the's been a pleasant role reversal. I have to say that I'm missing home though. My house, my bed, my yard, my church, my friends, my icey pops, and other sundry items of value. It will be great to be home.

I have much to share once I settle into the saddle...I've thought much while away and God has been churning some thoughts inside my inner man. Drawing away surfaces some things that need some time to unpack.

well, we're about to eat some freshly picked New Jersey iced corn...about all you have to do is put your lips oven the kernels and they burst into your mouth like a taut water balloon ed with a needle. It's the stuff of heaven. I've gained ten pounds on this belly is just bulging...I will go on a diet when I get home...then again, no I won't. I love food too much to deprive it of meeting my hospitable intenstines.


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