"Talking to Dogs": the Montana chronicles

I was in Montana last week, so it's been a while since I've posted any musings. I've decided to write about my week long trip in a psuedo-book format. Little chapters regarding different aspects of last weeks adventure that captured me and stirred up the stink inside me.

The title of the quasi-blog-book will be "Talking to Dogs" which comes from one encounter I had in a waiting room of sorts where a guy was literally talking to his dog like it was a person. Not only was he talking to his dog, but he was talking back to himself for his dog so as to carry on a reciprical conversation. It went on for like 10 minutes which entertained me and weirded me out all at the same time. But that is Montana...a place that is so slow paced and far removed from society that it's nothing out of the ordinary to talk matter-a-factly with dogs in public places.

I want to share this journey for several reasons, but the main one is to remember how wonderful it was to step back into time and live simply and slowly for a change. There are so many little nuances of the trip that awakened my heart. I hope the coming blogs will invite you into my expedition and my experience in a way that warms your heart and calls something out of hiding in your own heart.

Who knows how this will go...but here goes nothin'.


Angela said…
Hurry up and write about Montana! I can't wait to hear about it--I hear it was hilarious!! Gotta love egg salad :)

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