the reunion of souls...

I'm sitting here in Germany trying to let my food digest after a dinner party with a bunch of troops and their spouses.  It was an amazing night filled with stories.  I just can't imagine being deployed for 15 months and then coming home to my family.  I find it hard to find words to describe what that reunion must be like.  

Tonight, we are actually going on the military base and watching as the last of this round of troops comes home and reunites with their loved ones.  The wives who were here at the dinner tonight said that you just have to see two things in the military...#1 - a memorial service for a fallen soldier and #2 - a reunion of troops coming home to see their spouses and children for the first time in 15 months.  

We just couldn't pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So in about an hour we are heading out to see this phenomenon...

I can't wait to witness this almost holy moment...

These are the things that make me come alive...Advent... and adventures.  

Can a man's heart look for any greater pleasure?

I think not.


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