wow...the new coffee at Voyages tastes good this morning!  I don't know if you've frequented the place since it was donated to our church and transitioned last week, but the new beans are "to die for".

As I'm sitting here this morning I'm just blown away that we have this opportunity as a church to saturate the community with the visible gospel of Jesus via "Voyages Coffee shop".  I love this place.  I love talking to people strolling in for a relaxed environment to surf the net, or talk with an old friend, or read the new New York Times bestseller.  This place is like a hub of life for people during the week and it's fun to be one of the spokes in the wheel.

Johnny Cash is playing in the background, the snow is lightly falling outside, my fingers are still thawing, my coffee is still steaming, a couple of friends just walked through the door...and on top of that, our church is running this place...this space for souls to come away and rest.  This coffee shop for our community.  What a privilege.

It feels good to be me today.  I love the life that I live.  I love the people I partner with.  I love the little city of Lowell that I call my home.


katemcdonald said…
congrats! I knew that was a possibility but didn't know it had already taken place..

from what i recall, johnny cash seems like a big step up in the music department (although who couldn't use a little 'ice ice baby' once in awhile? *grin*)

Blessings on you and yours
alayne said…
I love this post! This is so different from how most Christians I know enter a bar...claiming freedom and grace, or like some others, trying to hide Jesus, hoping he'll stay in the foyer until they are ready to leave again. I know we've got grace. I love grace. But to be purposeful about going into a bar to meet people, where they are at, and to shower them with Jesus' love, however we find them...this is taking that Grace a step further, and instead of keeping it to ourselves, sharing it. I love this! Thanks for sharing :)

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