Moments into Memories...

I was laying on the couch with Taylor last night.

She was laying face down on my stomach with her head buried into my neck. I was stroking her hair and gently rubbing her face as we watched an episode of "Life" on the Discovery channel.

She kept saying to me, "Dad, we're a lot alike."

And then she would go through a list of things we liked that her sisters didn't.

"We both like fish. We like tickling each other. We like to watch sports. We like Corn Pops. We like pickle juice. We like olives. We like celery. We like going to the library. We like beef jerky from the Shell station."

She kept going on and on trying desperately to write her story with me in the most unique terms. So unique that even her sisters would stand on the outside looking in.

The fact of the matter is that half of the aforementioned activities she doesn't even like. Sports is a great example. I know for a fact it's very boring for her to watch Yankees baseball, but because I like it and she wants me to like her, she likes it. She muscles down fish, but I can tell that she's forcing herself to look like she enjoys it. One of the dead giveaways is the amount of hot sauce she used to cover up the taste last time we had it. You can eat tree bark with enough hot sauce dowsed on top of it.

As we laid there on the couch last night, I could feel her little heartbeat pounding against my chest. As I concentrated on her heartbeat, it caused me to pick up on my own and to feel both of them simultaneously. Mine was going much slower. I told her that I could feel her heartbeat, and she said she could feel mine, too. She then moved her head down on my stomach to listen to my digestive juices churning in my intestines. She loves to hear them gurgle and make funny noises. I can't hear it or even feel it, so she will smile and let me know when my bowels are entertaining her. It's kind of funny to watch her face.

She then buried her head into my neck again. I scratched her little arms with my chewed off nails, lightly running them across her skin so as to put her into a deep sleep.

I love being a dad. I cherish these moments that too quickly become memories.


Des said…
Awww that was really sweet.
Almost made me tear up there for a minute.
I have two little sisters. 6 and 3 yrs old. I love spending time with them. I just visited them this past weekend. They got so big. Time goes too fast :(

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