Small is Big...

I need to take a moment to apologize.

For years I've carried on with a clean bill of health. I've been able to play sports at a college level. I've been so healthy that I've even been able to give away one of my kidneys to my younger sister. When the doctors give the green light to give away vital organs, you know you've got health to spare. My body has been good to me over the years.

And today, an apology is in order.

I've taken my "lower back" for granted the better part of my life. It has been as faithful as a dog thanklessly carrying on carrying me without complaint. Until something goes wrong, you don't realize that the small of your back actually exists. But when it fails, you realize how reliant you are on things that you don't think matter much.

I have been hobbling around like an elderly war vet for nearly three days. Popping pain pills and muscle relaxants. Visiting massage therapists and laying on the couch trying not to move a muscle. I feel like an invalid.

So I feel the need to give a shout out to the "small of my back". It may be small, but it's a big deal. Never underestimate how big something small is. Cause when it gives out, everything else hinges on its health. And I mean everything.


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