The Silence of Friends kills...

"It's not the attacks of your critics but the silence of your friends that hurts the most."

I'm not sure where I read this, but when I did, it seared into my soul like a firebrand.

David called critics "blood-thirsty" men. A pretty graphic adjective if I do say so myself. Critics are licking their chops looking to sink their teeth into anything that's alive. And the most painful strength of critics in their verbal boldness.

I've been on both sides of silence. I've been in conversations where I've left someone stranded in order to protect myself. I've also stuck my neck out on occasion hoping for backup only to be disappointed with stone silence. This kills the soul.

I want to make sure I'm speaking up for my friends instead of assuming they know I'm with them. I'm sure that I have tons of people that silently affirm me, just as I have people that I silently affirm. This makes about as much sense an "unspoken request" in a Baptist Wednesday Night prayer meeting. What's the point?

The Word says, "Better is open rebuke than hidden love."

I'm concerned with hidden love these days. I think we underestimate how many people are getting railed by critics out there. We assume that they know they're loved and appreciated, but do they? I tend to think that the scoreboard is really lopsided in favor of the critics.

Bloodthirsty - 9
Friends - 1

We have to put some points on the board. If we lose at this level, we lose at every level.


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