Windleton...a world I started to created 8 years ago...

The vision of Windleton
-a land of creative and playful worship-

Here’s the nutshell of the main characters, setting and plot:

There is a people simple in thought, stature and lifestyle called Windals. They are full of smiles, laughter & joy. They love to play and create…in fact, these two activities are basic forms of worship in their world. They don’t eat or sleep…their basic needs are companionship and wind. Without these two elements, they grow weak, bored and in time waste away. They love food and rest…but enjoy these things only as pleasures, not necessities.

They need wind much like we need air…they are desperate for it…without it they are unhealthy and malnourished…fragile and vulnerable. The wind is a symbol of our need for God and His constant filling to sustain the life that He created us to live. They need companionship as well…without it, the wind only seems to stiffen them and render them dry and hard. Their muscles seize up and tighten. But the opposite is just as deadly…companionship without wind affects their bones…they become fragile and easily broken. The muscles have nothing to cling to in order to find stability & strength.

They live in massive trees called Doves…this is their place of security and adventure…for both refreshment and risk accompany the accommodations. The healthiest and most daring live in the tops of these massive trees. The wind is stronger the higher you ascend, which for some brings deep satisfaction and for others a sense of annoyance. The branches sway in the wind and make for a dangerous home, yet the healthiest and most alive Windals are those who brave the unknowns and given the option…wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the midst of the Doves runs a large ravine through which a mighty river rushes. There are beautiful falls running down through the Doves called Wonderfalls. Behind each one of these gorgeous falls is a cave unspeakable in beauty. Each of these caves leads to one location…the Cavern of Bored. It is the place where the evil presence of Boredon reigns in darkness. There are legions of creatures who serve his wishes called Bores. They have little intellect, less creativity and no heart. Each one of these creatures started as Windals with potential and opportunity and over time removed themselves from the wind and companions. With every day they spent away from their most basic needs, they subtly were drawn to the caves where the bothersome winds and annoying friends were no longer pestering them.

The two main characters are Breezon and Airyon. Breezon is a young man full of zest and humility. His altruistic nature draws the whole tree village of Windleton to his heart. He is the life of the party and the leader of his people though he is still a young Windal. There are no positions of leadership, leaders emerge and are given unspoken positions based on their virtues and, most importantly, on the basis of whether people gravitate to and follow them. He loves adventure, explorations, creating, and playing. But the most staggering quality of Breezon is that he is the only Windal who has cried since his great grandfather Voltor. His people are both drawn to and cautious of this phenomenon.

Airyon is simple, yet striking. Her physical features are not stunning, but her inner beauty raptures those who watch her from a distance. Her hair is deep brown, long and curly. She is drawn to adventure and speaks often of the time when her people guarded “The Great Shell”. To most, her childish fantasies bring great discomfort and indignation, but to Breezon, these are more than stories…these are life. For only in looking back can we truly live forward. He is particularly drawn, because his great grandfather was the one who last fought Boredon in the Great Battle of Zargon. The Great Shell was stolen and taken deep into the Caves of Bored. No Windal has dared to retrieve it since that day…but as a consequence, they can never leave Windleton. For their need for trees is deeper than most assume. You see, they can’t be in full sun…their skin is to sensitive and supple. It is the power of the Great Shell that allows them the freedom to move beyond their small world into the glorious landscape that surrounds them. Its energy and life bring vitality and meet the needs that are most basic in the creative design of the Windals. But the war is not fought for simply pride…for the legions of Boredon need its life to survive in the caves of darkness and silence.

For years…the people of Windleton have believed that their need for wind was in the movement, the force…but all along, it’s been in the voice of the wind, the sound it brings into the ears…and ultimately down into the heart. It is only the young lad, Breezon, who has stumbled across letters from his great grandfather found in the knothole of an ancient tree, who knows the true of The Great Shell’s real power…bring the sound of wind wherever it is taken. This sound is power…this sound is life.

But the daring task of capturing the Great Shell and bringing it back to its rightful place will not be without danger…a fight of heroic proportions. For Breezon knows that the caves steal the very life needed to fight for the object of his desire. He will need companions…he will need love…he will need memories. Memories of what was and what could be. This adventure will take more than weapons…it will take heart. For in fighting…he can not lose his heart for playing and creating. His childhood beauty, Airyon, will prove to be his deepest friend and will in the end be the source of his rescue. For inside of this young woman…there is a warrior. Only an adventure can surface the real person that lies behind the beauty. This is just that kind of moment…a moment that will affect a people…a lifetime…an eternity.

More in the development of Windleton:
*Gracinglorn Island – an island in the Jerushia Sea, home to six primary life groups:
-Windals – live in the Land of Galendor in the
Hollow Hills of Windleton home of the
Spring which feeds the Wonderfalls & the
River Rholad.

-Firtons – live in the Land of Liandriel near the Livion
Bay in the Valley of Firtleton. They broke
away from the Windal seeking safety from the
threat of invasion from the Shadish armies.

-Quedds – came from the Darquin on massive rafts
and inhabited the western shore of the island
in the land of Anvior within the forest of
Ebrian. They are mysterious & beautiful.

-Nomes – came from the Mts. Of Zuirisheign and
now dwell in the Caves of Gaun in the Mts.
Of Drydin in the land of Raiboren on the east
Coast of Gracinglorn.

-Shads – came on ships from the land of Dullinstad
& invaded the Windals at the Sand Duffs of
Windlenob. They drove the Windals deep
into the heart of Gracinlorn and started
clearing out trees in the Fallen Forrest of
Shadol. They now possess “The Great
Shell” which they took from Warlon, the
Grandfather of Breezon, the chosen Windal.

-Bors – live in the Caves of Bored behind the
Wonderfalls. They are Windals who pull
away from community and wind and live in
darkness and silence of the Hollow Hills.

Names of Main Characters and Families:
*The Dillingsby’s:
*Grandfather – Warlon Dillingsby
*Grandmother – Marishon Dillingsby
*Father - Gonviel Dillingsby
*Mother – Trushia Dillingsby
*Older Brother – Gustidon Dillingsby
*Younger Brother – Breezon Dillingsby

*Breezon’s Friends:
*Gandi Weln – Best guy friend, innocent
*Dreydin Kilding – jealous friend
*Airyon Colner – romantic interest and best friend

*The Kilding’s:
*Father – Vilsoral Kilding
*Mother – Shilar Kilding
*Younger Sister – Drewshia Kilding
*Older Brother – Belorn Kilding

*The Weln’s:
*Father – Nebb Weln
*Mother – Pharyn Weln
*The Colner’s:

*Father – Bolderon Colner
*Mother – Desia Colner
*Older brother – Jacoln Colner

*Airyon’s Friends:
*Jair Wilbin – best girl friend
-Father – Orden Wilbin
-Mother – Clariel Wilbin
*Curry Elbison – no parents or family, very loyal
*Trisdyn Bibingall – competitive friend
-Mother – Elmyin Bibingall

*Dark Lord Boredon:
*evil leader of the Shad’s, Bors and Nomes.
*rules all evil on Gracinglorn Island and possesses
the “Great Shell” of mystery and power.

More in the development of Windleton:

Locations on Gracinglorn Island:

-The flatlands – “Kaithlands” -Cazingor Creek
-Firg Village
-The Chidder Border
-The Binny Gap
-The Giption Lookout
-The Rocks of Stilden
-Injuwol Island
-Kurtionval Bay
-Thinsol Gyser
-Rolath Falls
-Firshkill Forest
-Itrian borderlands
-Vibranth Valley
-Shinold Valley
-Lovleir River
-Redem’s Fork
-The Isle of Shae
-Serenfair Gardens
-Oglorn’s Canyon
-Wesell’s Point
-Nevern Marsh
-Voth Forest
-Urgaithon Village
-Firtog Fortress
-Mikjah Stream
-The Erish Mushrooms
-West Mysc
-North Safgin Caverns
-Silent Lake
-Lost Valley
-Ancient Gracian Ruins
-Dorgin Tombs of Drydin
-The Vasturn Beaches
-Greyboren Vlocanoes
-The Firshon Stone Valley
-The Zodlingurth Woods
-The fields of Peascolm
-The Humb Hills
-The Yith woods
-Bottinghom River
-Gendiell Brook
-The Praskid Channel
-The Highlands of Ashkov
-The Firns of Far Osh
-Elmorien Lakes
-Quesh Village
-The Wilsh Spring
-The Merciom spring
-The Plome Spring
-The Theighshore Spring
-The Wonderfalls

Varieties of Windals:

Locational distinctions:
Tree Windals – live in the tops of trees
Fern Windals – live at the foot of the trees
Mush Windals – live under the mushrooms
Shore Windals – live on the banks of the river

Genealogical distinctions:
The Windalriffs clan (The Riffs)
The Windalcanes clan (The Canes)
The Windalnooks clan (the Nooks)
The Windaltaiths clan (The Taiths)


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