Laughing...and other bodily mysteries.

Laughing fits into a mystic category in my mind that assures me that I was created by an intelligent designer.  Over the years I've become aware of a short list of physical responses that don't fit the theory of random chance.  The Big Bang Theory.  Things that are superfluous as it relates to surviving, but supernatural as it relates to thriving.  Last night I added laughing to that list of oddities...rather, "Goddities".

What is the list, you ask?  I'll tell you.  These are those abnormalities or anomalies I've noticed along the way that point me to my Author and Creator, the Producer and Director of the grand story of life.

1. Goosebumps - They come out of nowhere.  I'll be listening to a song on my iPod and involuntarily my arm hair stands on end and my arms turn into mogul fields of joy.  A sound or a surprise can cause that chain reaction.  It can tingle right up my spine and before I saw it coming, the hairs on the back of my neck are dancing in delight. Whoa.

2. Orgasms - I know this might seem off-limits, but God created this explosive volcanic eruption of ecstasy.  It wasn't the result of the fall of man, it was a result of the glory of God.  He had this idea of causing irresistible attraction to the opposite sexes most germ-infested body parts which lead us on a journey toward the miracle of orgasm.  You tell me there isn't a God.

3. Tears - We often overlook this amazing trigger.  Our emotions are provoked by joy or sorrow and something invisible and ineffable takes on physical features in the form of salty fluid which is pressed out of these ducts located on the inside corners of our eyes.  It is often accompanied with a lump in the throat which is another unique physical indicator of something divine.  Fluid pours downs ones face to give evidence of the value and validity of emotion.  Without this outlet, emotions would have less of a voice, laying silent in a state of dormancy.

4. Laughter - It hit me last night as we went to a Brian Regan comedic show that laughter is a powerful and hard to explain phenomenon.  In many ways, it only has meaning when it's shared with someone else.  You're sitting there and out of nowhere something someone says or does causes a burst of sound and snorts and sensations to cause your head to tilt back and let out a shot gun giggle or a full blow bellow that can hardly be contained.  If you think about it too much, it will weird you out.  It isn't taught, it's just hard-wired into our systems like all these other mysteries that adds life to living.

The cool thing about laughter is that it is often accompanied with tears.  I was wiping tears off my face last night over and over again.  They would be streaming out of my eye-holes like geysers running down my cheeks and into the corners of my mouth.  Joy was releasing this bodily function.  Humor was generating loud moans of happiness and high shrieks of merriment.  Holding it in was impossible.  Composure was lost.  Dignity was compromised.  We were transporting into something holy.  Something completely "other".  Something transcendent.

You couple that laughter with community and it's intoxicating.  You're restating the end of the joke to each other again, bumping them with your elbow in solidarity, making eye contact and nodding your head as if to say, "Can you believe this is actually happening right now to middle aged adults?"  Half of you is trying to regain control, the other half of you is happy to lose it for a change.

Last night I felt taken to the foyer of heaven.  Another one of these human mysteries that defies explanation and points you back to your origin.  All at once you feel caught up into something spiritual and celestial and it reminds you that you are more intricate than you often feel.  More unique and wonderfully made than you mistakenly calculate.

I dont' have a great way to end this spewing.  So I'll leave it at that.  Maybe it will get you thinking.  Can you think of any other mysteries that beckon you backward to your beginning and onward to your ending?


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