Flip the Pillow...

I've been trying something.  I guess you could call it somewhat of an experiment.

Let's call it the pillow flip experiment.

I have always been a pillow flipper since I can remember.  I have a feeling I'm not the only one.  There are few refreshments more immediate in their gratification than the cool side of a pillow.

As I'm laying on my pillow and I start feeling the stagnant warm air emanating from underneath my heavy head, I have this instinctual need to flip the pillow taking advantage of the cool and fresh fabric found on the other/dark side.  This happens countless times even before I drift off at night, subconsciously whilst sleeping in the watches of the night, and numerous times in the morning as I fight waking up for that extra few minutes of shut eye.  This "pillow flip" is nothing short of an obsession.

I got to thinking that life is like that.  I will "get used" to something and the stagnant air of familiarity will take over.  But just on the other side of each moment like that, there is a pillow flip moment when I can
bring a refreshing side to a moment and look at the good side of a situation.  Even as people are concentrating on the negative side of life, I feel the need to flip the pillow and share something good that is concurrently occurring to remind myself, if no one else, of the refreshing side of life.  So many good things happen and are happening in the middle of bad things.  I have a choice of focus in those moments.  Do I dwell on the badness or the goodness?  The sins or the wins?

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to flip the pillow throughout the day feeling its fresh and refreshing perspective seep into your spirit.  It takes only moments for it to start warming and blending into the atmospheric conditions of its surrounding.  So you have to flip it in the next minute...and the next.

"In everything give thanks for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning you." - I Thess.

Yeah...that pretty much says it all.  Concerning me.


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