Prayerss for the Day...

Here are some prayers that come to mind to pray throughout the day that I thought I'd throw down in print:
At I start of the day:
- "God, I'm yours, use me today."
- "Show me the blessings around me."
- "Let me be a blessing to people today."
- "Give me a forgiving spirit today, Lord."
- "Let me be constantly aware of your presence, Lord."
- "Lead me today, and help me to follow your lead."
During the day:
- "Help me, Lord."
- "Give me your eyesight and heartbeat right now, God."
- "Let others see you in my actions."
- "Give me courage to face that conflict, Jesus."
- "Fill my mouth with words of wisdom."
- "Help me to resist temptation, God."
- "Give me strength to do the hard thing."
- "Sustain me with your peace."
- "Let the joy of the Your heart be my strength.
- "I cannot do this without you, Lord."
- "I need you desperately right now, Lord."
- "Help me to overcome this struggle, God."
- "Convict me of my own sin in every situation."
- "Don't let me run away from pain, join me in it, Lord."
- "Give me an attitude of encouragement to share with others."
- "Give me your perspective in this moment, Jesus."
- "Don't let me react selfishly today, God."
- "Give me pure motives and flush out my flesh."
- "Make me a vessel of love."
- "Fill me right now as I make this hard decision."
- "Don't leave me alone...I'm a goner without you."
- "Bring me great success as I bring you glory."
As I head home:
- "Help me to shed the stress, Lord."
- "I cast my cares on you, Jesus."
- "Fill me with your energy and ambition...I've none of my own."
- "Surprise me with unusual joy tonight, God."
- "Give me a spirit that fills my home with hope."
- "Help me to listen to my family attentively."
- "Allow a relaxation to come over me right now, Lord."
- "I want to leave work behind me, I need you to help me do that."
- "Help me to be present, body and spirit tonight, God."
- "Restore my injured soul this evening as I lean into You."
- "Give me the energy to speak into and listen to my spouse's heart tonight."
- "Give me a gracious and forgiving spirit when expectations aren't met."
- "Speak 'Peace, be still' into the tempest of my mind."
- "You are in control, Lord, I am not."
- "Let your presence hover over me and my home tonight."
- "Receive glory right to the last second of this day."
- "I'm yours, Lord, I'm yours."
Hope these help you today. Maybe it will give someone a jump start on "practicing the presence of Christ". It is these sorts of short phrases that buoy me in the storms of each day and make my life one of consequence. I pray the same for you.


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