Questions to ask on Date Nights...

Some questions Heidi and I try to ask each other on our date nights.  We don't always do a great job of this, but it's good to have a goal nonetheless...

1. How have you been feeling about life lately? 2. What have you been enjoying recently? 3. What areas of our marriage do you feel are going well? 4. What areas of our marriage do you feel need a shot of life? 5. What have you noticed about me lately for the good or not so good? 6. How do you feel I'm missing your heart lately? 7. What is stealing your joy right now? 8. What are some things that you dream of doing? 9. Who are your good friends? How are your friendships going? 10. What areas of temptation are you wrestling with lately? 11. What is your favorite recreation right now? 12. How is your relationship with going? Where do you feel like you're growing? Where do you feel like you're hitting a wall? 13. What has been your greatest disappointment lately? 14. How do you feel our sex life has been? Is there something that is keeping it from being more free and alive? 15. What is a goal you have the next month that I can join you in accomplishing? 16. How can I be of encouragement to you right now? In what way can I lighten your load and fuel your passion? 17. When do you feel loved well by me? What do I do that makes you feel cared for and valued? 18. How do you feel like things are balanced with work, family, and marriage lately? 19. How do you feel you're doing as a parent? How do you feel I'm doing as a parent? How do you feel we are doing as parents? 20. Anything making you feel angry or irritated recently in our relationship or in life? Are you harboring any resentment or burying any rage? 21. How can I pray for you right now throughout the day? Anything I need to be tuned into? 22. How do you think we can go to another level in our relationship in the coming month?

There are few things I care more about than marriage. I see so few marriages functioning with freedom and true oneness that it strikes me as something I must always keep before me...intentionally.

I want to be wedded to my wife all the days of our marriage...mind, body and spirit.


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