Beauty and the Beast...

The sun in shining through the window.  It's the first day of Spring.  The temperature is somewhere close to the 50's and you can almost feel winter relenting, which it doesn't do in the state of Michigan.   Winter is diehard in these here parts.

But today it feels like breakthrough.  I don't know why it does, but I look out the window on this late Monday afternoon and something just feels to be busting loose from the cords of death outside.  Even when I just walked out on the back deck, my nostrils were filled with the aroma of thawing earth.  I love that smell.  Nothing is budding yet.  There is little to no green, but something fresh is afoot.  It feels like breakthrough.

But I have to be honest...the feeling could be connected to something else that my family has been looking forward to for a long time.  I should say Heidi, myself, and the girls.  Tonight, we are dropping off the boys and heading to the movies to see "Beauty and the Beast".  I know, you might think that's cheesy, but when you have little girls who grew up on the classic animation, this is an epic night for the Holdridge's.  Kami is 17, Aly is 15, and Taylor is 13...a far cry from the little munchkins they once were, but they still love the Disney classics.  Aly listens to the soundtracks while she takes showers and sings along..."Tale as old as time..."  So they have been looking forward to this.

And here's the deal...I have been, too.  Beauty and the Beast is by far my favorite Disney animation with the greatest musical numbers ever I'm not going begrudgingly.  This is going to be a special night for us.  I like special nights.  As the years go on, I am more and more aware that they become further and further apart in proximity.  It's sad, but it makes you appreciate them more.

So tonight, on the first day of Spring, I feel so blessed to be alive and to spend time with my precious girls.  The boys just wouldn't get it, so we're farming them out to Ronnie and Judy this evening, which is cool, cause every now and then, I love to be with just the girls.  It's nostalgic.  It's romantic.

Thank you, God, for my wonderful life.


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