Alive to tell about it...

The week of recording has come and gone. I've never had something fly by so slow. Some moments were draining me, others driving me. It was an experience I will never tire of remembering. We laid down 5 songs in five days, which to some may seem like nothing, to others, miraculous. It was amazing to see and hear things come together as the week went on. I'm very pleased with what we were able to accomplish with the time, resources and finances at our disposal. I'm eagerly awaiting the mixed and mastered copy to hit my hands.

The five songs I decided to do are as follows:
-You are More
-Pursue Me
-Psalm 29
-Awesome Love
-Free Indeed

I think that will be the order of the EP as well. Those of you that know these songs will be pleased to finally hear them accompanied by more than an acoustic guitar recorded with a cheezy PA church sound system. I've been waiting for years to hear the music in my head put on an album for all to hear. I think this album will come pretty close to representing the original sounds in my soul. I've yet to know for sure...but from what I've tasted...I'm quite confident it will.

On the way home last week, we had two songs put on a cd as is roughly mixed. It was fun to listen to them in the car with my wife and daughters and sing our brains out together as a family. I wondered at that point how many families get the privilege of doing such things. I'm sure it's rare, indeed.

I'm not levitating as I was this last week, my feet have hit the ground and I'm coming off my "mount of transfiguration" experience. I'm eager to plug back in with the hearts of people. Studio's don't compare to Heart's.


Adam said…
Great to hear man...those are all great songs, but I am a little bias obviously after hearing them so often. Keep pressing into hearts
Adam said…
bro...I have got another blog for you to check out in your spare time...Pastor Mark Batterson from National Community Church, it's the one I have been going to here in DC...they are doing some great things. He really has a heart for injecting the church with creativity...
Love Ya, Buddy
warriorpoet9 said…
i was fortunate to hear some rough cuts with dan tonight and it made my heart smile, i cannot wait to hear the final work!

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