recording #2...

that's right...

this weekend I head to Columbus, OH for the second half of the recording experience with my beautiful wife. Dan McKay will be flying down from Chicago to meet us there. My brother-in-law, Cliff, and another buddy of mine, Dan Sidd, will be flying in from Minnesota as well. We haven't had as much time this go around to practice the songs making me a little nervous about our preparedness. We practiced last night and I'm happy with how things are progressing in such a short amount of time.

These are the next five songs that have been selected via drawing straws:
1. Shine
2. All for Love
3. The Story
4. Word of Fire
5. Come and Crucify

The first five songs that have already been recorded are:
1. You are More
2. Free Indeed
3. Pursue Me (or as some have said, "Puruse Me")
4. Awesome Love
5. Psalm 29

It should make for a well rounded album with different time signatures, keys, styles and content. I'm excited to wrap this thing up and get the mixing and mastering underway. I can't predict when the album will be completed, but I'm just excited that I'm finally getting the chance to do this. It's a dream come true.

My throat is sore, but my heart is soaring.


Wags said…
I'm thrilled to be a part of this project bro and to see it come together!!
Pokey said…
I am way excited to hear your CD!!

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