This is a day where this picture makes sense. I feel like a little boy in a big world standing on the edge of life. It's sometimes more than my insides can take. I want to show everybody that I'm capable, but sometimes I don't care to prove anything to anyone. I just want to crash and get it over with. So much of my energy is spent holding myself together. Sometime I just want to crumble into as many pieces as I already feel like I'm in. So I stand here, the little boy trying to be the big man standing on the edge of life wondering whether the next step I take will be the death of me....there's only one way to find out. Move forward...


Adam said…

I really enjoy catching up on your blog today. It's an amazing thing to be able to chronicle your life on here...even when you don't feel like your words carry much worth.

I am curious to talk with you sometime about Rob Bell's book. It's pretty stirring, man.

I hope the recording goes well. I have heard the first few tracks and they sound great so far. I love Psalm 29 and how your voice is doubled...pretty sweet stuff.

Keep pressing into life.
Anonymous said…

Well, I understand more or your email now. You want prayer, and you shall have it. I look forward to hearing more about your battle. May the good Lord show you his strength, and may you fight until the final victory.
~Skeeter~ said…
hey. havent talked to you in...a long while. i've tried keeping up with your blog as much as i can. i moved mine back to xanga. its, check it out and feel free to comment...i cant wait till' your cd is done...its going to be to you later

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