wrap it up...

tonight we leave for Columbus one last time to finish vocals and the electic guitar tracks. We were down there a few weeks ago and recording five more songs, three of which we sung by Bethany Dillon. We got everything laid down other than my vocals, Heidi's vocals and the electric guitar parts. I can't wait for this to be done...it's coming along so well. I think everyone will think it was worth the wait.

I can't believe it...after all these years, I will have finally completed my first studio project with 10 of my favorite songs that God has planted in my heart. The guys that I've recorded with have been awesome to work with and the amount that we've accomplished in such a short amount of time is nothing short of miraculous.

I just wrote a new song last week called, "Humanity" that we might try to slip into the end of the cd...(you know, like a hidden track since that's the cool thing to do these days...ha.) We'll see. Heidi sings it and just rocks it out.

I just need prayers. I don't know how God wants to use this...but we will soon see as the mixing and mastering comes to a close and the cd hits the streets. I hope these songs bring glory to the God who birthed them.


Anonymous said…
Jay Jay.

We are proud, not of what you are doing, or the talents that have developed in your body, but because of the God who made you that way and the fact that you are using those talents for him.

A short story...Gage and Mack love Smallville. Gage thinks he is as fast as super man (Clark). As we watched him at his first 3 yr old soccer practice, I was stunned to see him stand when it came to competition time (scrimmage). He did nothing. Later, we talked about his "abilities" as Clark has...We told him that God granted him "abilities" to use to the best of his powers. That was the ticket for him. He runs, now with reckless abandon, because God made him the fastest little boy ever.

May you run in the same manner.

Our prayers will ascend on your behalf.
pianoman said…
alright, i'm reading your blog backwards, so i'm sure this will be explained further down (or up?) the road, but you have a band? you made an album? with Bethany Dillon? Please tell me more! What amazing lyrics and beautiful vocals await!


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