I've been catching up...

It's seem like an eternity since I visited this thing. Life has been going crazy. All good...but almost too much good for one guy to experience. Sometime I just get lost in wonderful opportunities. I need to ration out my energy better...

Anyways...this is just something that I was thinking about recently...thought I'd throw it on here to get this ball rolling again....

John 3:30 …Expanded…
He must become greater, I must become less.
He must Increase, I must Decrease.
He must become Higher, I must become Lower.
He must become Everything, I must become Nothing.
He must be Remembered, I must be Forgotten.
He must be Enthroned, I must be Dethroned.
He must become Exalted, I must become Abased.
He must become the King, I must become the Slave.
He must become Popular, I must become Unknown.
He must become the Spotlight, I must become the Shadow.
He must become Larger, I must become Smaller.
He must become Known, I must become Obscure.
He must be the Receiver, I must be the Giver.
He must become Pursued, I must become Abandoned.
He must be Maximized, I must be Minimized.
He must become Enlarged, I must become Reduced.
He must become Magnified, I must become Shrunk.
He must become Praised, I must become Persecuted.
He must become Bowed to, I must become Bowed down.
He must become Strong, I must become Weak.
He must become Loud, I must become Quiet.
He must become Great, I must become Grateful.
He must become Heroic, I must become Invisible.
He must become Famous, I must become Common.
He must become Awesome, I must become Awed.
He must become Sought after, I must become Rejected.
He must be Loved, I must be Hated.
He must become Alive, I must become Dead.
He must be Smiled upon, I must be Frowned upon.
He must become Full, I must become Empty.
He must become Treasured, I must become Ordinary.
He must become Priceless, I must become Breathless.
He must be God, I must be His.
He must be Together, I must be Broken.
He must become Needed, I must become Needy.
He must become Sufficient, I must become Desperate.
He must become Urgent, I must become Unimportant.
He must become Essential, I must become Nonessential.
He must become Present, I must become Absent.
He must be Glorified, I must be Hungry.
He must become Worshipped, I must become Worship.
He must become Recognized, I must become Aware.
He must be Lived for, I must be Poured out.
He must become Hollowed, I must become Reverent.
He must become Inspirational, I must become Moved.
He must become Sensational, I must become Sensitive.
He must become “I AM”, I must become “I AM NOT”.
He must become Irresistible, I must become Passionate.
He must become Worthy, I must become Abandoned.
He must become Trusted, I must become Dependant.
He must become the Focus, I must become the Fixated.
He must be the Joy, I must be the Dancer.
He must be Victorious, I must be Defeated.
He must be the Reality, I must be Real.
He must be Elevated, I must be Downplayed.
He must be Primary, I must be Secondary.
He must become First, I must become Last.
He must be Out of this World, I must be Out of my Mind.
He must be Above, I must be Below.
He must become Consuming, I must become Consumed.
He must be Fought for, I must be a Warrior.
He must be the Winner, I must be the Won.
He must be the Thunder, I must be the Echo.
He must become Desired, I must become Despised.
He must be Supreme, I must be Humble.
He must be Preeminent, I must be Subdued.
He must be the Center, I must be the Fringe.
He must be Before, I must be Behind.
He must become the Cause, I must become the Sacrifice.
He must become the Teacher, I must become the Learner.
He must become my Passion, I must become His Servant.
He must be Forever, I must be Today.
He must be the Best, I must be the Worst.
He must be the Greatest, I must be the Least.
He must be Phenomenal, I must be Typical.
He must become the One, I must become Ok with that.
He must become Cherished, I must become Discarded.
He must become Expensive, I must become Expendable.
He must be Handled with Care, I must be treated with Reproach.
He must be Lifted up, I must be Cast down.
He must be Kissed, I must be Slapped.
He must be Protected, I must Protect.
He must be Wanted, I must be Left Behind.
He must be Understood, I must Understand.
He must become Satisfying, I must become Thirsty.
He must become The Dream, I must become The Dreamer.
He must become Attractive, I must become Repulsive.
He must be Embraced, I must be Let go.
He must become the Fire, I must become the Offering.
He must become The Ransom, I must become Indebted.
He must become Overwhelming, I must become Overcome.
He must become Amazing, I must become Amazed.
He must become Incredible, I must become Speechless.
He must become the Main Thing, I must be Privileged.
He must Take Control, I must Let Go.
He must Give Commands, I must be Surrendered.
He must have the Last Word, I must Say Yes.
He must Get the Glory, I must Guard the Glory.
He must Lead, I must Follow.
He must Flourish, I must Perish.
He must set the Schedule, I must Agree.
He must Make Progress, I must Make Way.
He must Receive Credit, I must Deflect Credit.
He must Change Lives, I must be Available.
He must be the Answer, I must wait on His Timing.
He must Advance, I must be Covered.
He must be the Destination, I must be the Bridge.
He must be Impressive, I must be Impressed.
He must be Unbelievable, I must be a Believer.
He must be the Party, I must be the Guest.
He must be Apparent, I must be Transparent.
He must be Honored, I must be Passed Over.
He must be Watched, I must be Ignored.
He must be Noticed, I must be Hidden.
He must be Powerful, I must be Powerless.
He must become Rich, I must become Poor.
He must be Gain Success, I must Make Mistakes.
He must become Promoted, I must become Demoted.
He must be Raised, I must be Lowered.
He must be Enjoyed, I must be Forsaken.
He must be Preferred, I must be Deferred.
He must be Chosen, I must be Chastised.
He must be Appreciated, I must be Depreciated.
He must make an Appearance, I must Disappear.
He must become More, I must Fade Away.
He must Ascend, I must Descend.
He must Grow, I must Lessen.
He must be the Light, I must be the Mirror.
He must be Adored, I must be Abhorred.
He must be the Origin, I must be the Created.
He must be Feared, I must be Respectful.
He must be the Adventure, I must be Daring.
He must be Chosen, I must be Chided.
He must become Celebrated, I must become Crucified.
He must become My Boast, I must be Shrouded.
He must become Beautiful, I must become Ugly.
He must become Wanted, I must become Avoided.
He must become the Authority, I must become Submissive.
He must become the Attention of all, I must be Eclipsed.
He must be Defended, I must be Attacked.
He must Arrive, I must Depart.
He must Appear, I must Disappear.
He must be the Actor, I must be the Responder.
He must be The Deal, I must be the Witness.
He must be Meaningful, I must be Trivial.
He must be Major, I must be Minor.
He must be Superior, I must be Inferior.
He must be Transcendent, I must be Simple.
He must become Enough, I must become Incomplete.
He must become Special, I must become Thankful.
He must be at the Front, I must be at the Back.
He must be the Owner, I must be the Steward.
He must become the Priority, I must become Teachable.
He must become Thrilled, I must become Spilled.
He must Come, I must Go.
He must be Above all Names, I must become Nameless.
He must be Disclosed, I must be Concealed.
He must become Bright, I must become Dim.
He must become Lord, I must become Obedient.
He must become My Life, I must become Loyal.
He must become the News, I must become the Advertisement.
He must become New, I must become Old.
He must become the Song, I must become the Singer.
He must become the Memory, I must become the Reminder.
He must be Gained, I must be Lost.
He must be Located, I must be Misplaced.
He must become Refreshing, I must become Creative.
He must become Paramount, I must become Disposable.
He must become Somebody, I must become Nobody.
He must become Noteworthy, I must become Overlooked.
He must become Immense, I must become Finite.
He must become Wonderful, I must become Blown Away.
He must become Endeared, I must become Loathed.
He must Enter, I must Exit.
He must Take the Stage, I must Let Him.
He must Profit, I must Lose.
He must receive Praise, I must receive Insults.
He must be the Goal, I must be the Runner.
He must be the Journey, I must be the Traveler.
He must be the Music, I must be the Instrument.
He must Stand, I must Fall.
He must Emerge, I must Submerge.
He must Go, I must Stop.
He must Stir, I must be Still.
He must become Extraordinary, I must become Usual.
He must Preside, I must be Prostrate.
He must be Relevant, I must be Irrelevant.
He must be the Favorite, I must be the Outcast.
He must become Discovered, I must become Extinct.
He must Resonate, I must Fade.

I hope I never forget this. Thanks John for putting this little writing in the text. You're spot on, bro.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the post. WOW. That is all can say at this point.
Kristi said…
That post just blew me away. There is so much truth in those words. Thanks for posting it, it's got me thinking...
pianoman said…
wow, i love your lists of opposites...

"He must become Beautiful, I must become Ugly."

"He must become the Spotlight, I must become the Shadow."

"He must become Praised, I must become Persecuted."

"He must become Famous, I must become Common."

you know, these statements aren't a burden, they're such a source of peace and relief... it takes all the weight off my shoulders to know that i can't and don't need to become beautiful/famous/praised... that's not my job... my job is to become transparent...

He must become the sunlight, I must become the window.

"And You become clear / As I disappear"

Alex said…
Thanks for the post, Jason...God showed me this the hard way today...He is faithful, but we have to, in a way, degrade ourselves for it. THanks for it, Ja.
Michelle said…
That was an awesome post. Thanks for posting it Ja.
Mr.Ty said…
That is one of my favorite verses, you expanded it in a way that made it even more meaningful. Thanks Jay!

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