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A note to my band...

Two day ago, I went to a guys house to ride horses. He has a huge horse farm and I've been trying to stay in touch with his heart more this fall. I love horses and couldn't wait to climb up on the backs of one of those beasts and ride with all my might. We saddled up and took off. It was a rush just flying across the land effortlessly, noiselessly. The power of a horse is beyond description. It's one thing to watch one run from a distance, but when you are strapped on top of one of these babies, you can feel the muscles rippling under you. The tork when the take off just about puts you on your butt. I was loving every minute of it.

And then I woke up the next body aches like I got drug through a knothole backwards. My buns are bruised, my hamstrings feel like they're going to snap like rubberbands, my neck even hurts from being jerked around like a rag doll. I didn't even know that I was torturing my body when I was having so much fun. The adrenaline has a way of distracting you from what you're doing to yourself. Even today, my body still aches. I crawled out of bed this morning limping to the shower...but it was worth it.

I love power. I love that God created things with energy and strength and adrenaline. I love to see power take over and overwhelm everything else in its way. I love to watch power change an atmosphere. I especially love to see that in worship.

I don't know about you, but when I mount that stage to lead worship, I feel like I'm climbing onto a platform of power. I feel like we are dabbling with electricity, a surge of energy, an explosive agent of change and influence. When we are leading people in worship, I feel like we're standing on the edge of something huge, sitting atop the back of something large that could send us sprawling on a moments notice. I feel like I'm riding a bull with the strength of a thousand men.

And as I gaze out at the people, I see the affect power has on the human heart. Music not only soothes the soul, it strengthens it. The power of God moves about the building widening the eyes, tightening the muscles in peoples faces bringing a smile, brightening the countenance, freeing the spirit, filling the lungs with breath that is forced over vocal chords creating shouts, noise, sounds, music, melodies, harmonies, etc. When power flows towards us, in us, and through us to those around us who are experiencing this with us...I can't help but stop in that moment and thank God for the privilege of leading people to power.

I just wanted to remind you of what it is that we engage in when we meet with the Living God...


pianoman said…

i'm speechless.

(i think i should be used to this by now...)

jason, some day you and i are going to meet and we will talk for hours, because you seem to write everything that's inside my head. i think it's what bethany would call finding a kindred spirit.

anyways, i'm not sure what to comment now, because i'd just be repeating everything you wrote, so maybe i'll just offer you my thanks for another great blog and leave it at that.

"thank you."


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