We had a Men's retreat this last weekend at Mike Kline's cabin on Lincoln Lake. What a powerful time! There is nothing like engaging other men in Kingdom conversations. It was hard-core this year with dialogue ranging from resignation to rebellion to lust to love to isolation to cover-up to confrontation to manning-up. I learned once again how much men desire to be challenged to new levels of masculinity. We treat men like incorrigible creatures with an affinity toward the life of a simpleton. It's not true. There is something about the company of other men that unearths the glory of the man fully alive. Quit men speak. Loud mouths hold their tongues. Anger softens. Timidity breaks up inside. Laughter replaces grunts. Smiles replace hardened countenances. I love seeing this stuff!

When we were around Impact this weekend, it was so galvanizing to see all the black shirts with the "Brotherhood" logo stamped across their chest. I could feel the confidence even in my own soul joining together with my brothers for a cause greater than ourselves.

There are few things I desire more than being a strong man. I don't want to get to the end of my life and realize that I was a slacker...a weasel. I want to look back as see myself facing the giants, holding the line, running toward the roar of the battle, and fighting for my brothers even if it means risking my own life in the process. These are things that drive me, and when I don't do them they drive me crazy.


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