balmy Monday morning...

Let the day begin...

It's Monday, nearly 60 degrees in Western Michigan. That may not sound strange to you, but you can't know how odd it feels to walk out your front door and feel a balmy mist hit you in the face all the while glancing at the igloo you made for your daughters melting helplessly in the front yard, the last remains of a week old blizzard. The forcaster said that it could reach 60 degrees today. I'm watching for the flowers to prematurely burst through the thawed soil in the next couple days.

Al Gore may be onto something with this global warming trend.

It's grey outside, ominously dreary and overcast with dreadful dark clouds. It's sometimes hard to summon the strength the do anything but crawl back in bed when Mondays are a manic as this one appears to be at first glance.

Our leaders are heading out for a day retreat to talk, share, laugh, look ahead, look behind, look within. I love those times to hear where my fellow comrades are at and what is bouncing around in their heads and hearts. I love to share openly about my recent musings and the things I wonder about and wish for. We have such a relaxed community...I love feeling like I can be myself.

Being myself seems redundant, I know. But I'm amazed how much of my life has been spent not being comfortable in my own skin. I've lived guarded and uptight. I've been nervous to share what I'm really thinking for fear that it would lead to my occupational execution. I've spent years in ministry and life holding back, holding in and holding heart dying to emerge with a group that welcomes honesty and accountability, risk and questions, humanity and Christianity, art and heart, culture and Scripture, relevance and reverence, ancient and future, grace and truth. And I'm overjoyed to say that I experience that on a weekly basis in my faith community at Impact.

So on this gloomy, balmy, rainy, damp Monday morning...things are looking up...cause I have some good humans to share it with.


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