Taking it in...

Things I love about my life...

1. Whispering into my daughters ears just before bed.
2. Watching Heidi do the girls hair in the morning.
3. Seeing the girls crammed in the bathtub all together splashing around.
4. Playing Skipbo with the girls, especially Taylor since she doesn't know what she's doing.
5. Watching American Idol with Heidi and laughing ourselves into a pleasant stomach ache.
6. Reading "Keys for Kids" to the girls in the morning as they eat their breakfast.
7. Living out in the country where the stars are brilliant and the moon resplendent.
8. Hearing the girls play house together as I sit in another room.
9. Giving each of them a different kiss each night that fits their spirit.
10. Tickling Taylor and listening to her laugh from her gut...a machine gun giggle.
11. Talking about opposites and favorites with Aly each night.
12. Listening to Kami talk on the phone to people with confidence and poise.
13. Seeing Heidi descend the stairs just before we go out on a hot date.
14. Coming home only to be tackled by the girls smiles and joy.
15. Going to a movie like "The Bucket List" with Heidi and talking about it on the way home.
16. Wrestling with the girls after chasing them around the house.
17. Getting a love note in the morning from Heidi that she left on the counter the night before.
18. Seeing the ice cream smeared around the girls mouths after they devour a bowl of it.
19. Talking to the girls about God and listening to their responses to the unseen world.
20. Hearing Kami say, "I love my life" several times a week.
21. Watching Taylor make up songs and sing them for us as she stands on the bed.
22. Watching Looney Toons with the girls and laughing together while eating a snack.
23. Holding hands with Heidi in the car while listening to the radio.
24. My yard...the trees, the shrubs, the grass, the rocks, the vines, the mulch...I love it.
25. The sensitive heart of my daughter Aly that stirs my spirit to an increased awareness.
26. Watching Kami play on the monkeybars and move about uninhibited whatsoever.
27. Doing art with Aly and watching her pay attention to the finest details.
28. Snuggling with each of the girls on the couch when they are trying to stall before bed.
29. Listening to the share about what they learned in church as we drive home.
30. Seeing their little legs dangle off the edge of the chairs they are sitting on.
31. Watching Heidi from a distance and imagining the meeting her again for the first time.
32. Laying in bed and replaying moments from my day that I'm grateful for.
33. Waking up and knowing the I wouldn't rather be anyone or anywhere else.

I love so many things about my life. I could go on and on. Sometimes you just have to sit still and take it in. So that's what I'm doing...taking it in...


Jody said…
I love that you soak it up and are so aware of "now". That is a gift. What a blessed man you are. What a wonderful family you have. What a great husband/dad they have. What a loving God we all have.
Jecca said…
this is so beautiful. i love that you share these intimate sentiments. they encourage my heart.

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