Movie ratings, swear words and prayer...

I had coffee with Kami and Aly today before school.  On a semi-regular basis we get out to have an honest chat about their views on things, their feelings about things, and their beliefs about things.

After they got their cinnamon rolls and I got my coffee, I started the conversation by telling them they could ask me any question they wanted to.  Kami raised her hand and said she had one.  “Dad, have you ever watched a rated “R” movie?”  That one question led into the different ratings for movies and an age appropriate explanation about violence, horror, language, and modesty (or inappropriate sexual material).  I told her that I do watch occasional rated “R” movies, but not if they are filled with sex, foul language, or unrealistic violence.  I told them that I love real stories of history that movies try to repaint because it helps me appreciate what they went through.

That led into a conversation about swear words.  Kami asked what the swear words were.  So we went down through the list and I explained the dirty meaning of each one.  We also talked about slang words and why we try to steer clear of using those substitutes.  Although Kami looked at me and said, “Sometimes you say crap and fricken’.”  I humbly apologized and said I need to work on that and eliminate those things from my vocabulary.  (I hate it that my kids are old enough to call my bluff.)

Kami then initiated a conversation about “praying before we eat” at restaurants.  She asked, “Dad, does anyone else pray before they eat in front of other people?”  What an amazing conversation emerged out of that line of questioning.  I love trying to explain these simple habits in simple words…but I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s tough. 

I just love my little girls.  I love nurturing them and I have to remember this in times when I get distracted by other lesser things vying for my attention and affection.  Time is flying by, and these moments are fleeting.

Pray for me.


Pete McGowan said…
Jason - thanks for posting. Love reading the insight. So awesome to hear you share what you are doing with your girls it's encouraging even though I don't have any yet...keep pouring into them - it will definitely be worth all the time spent.
Unknown said…
Love you guys, J.

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