Jonesin' for Disney...

Well, it's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop, Voyages.  It actually doesn't open for another 20 minutes, but they let me in as long as I locked the door behind me and kept the lights off.  So I'm sitting in the dark tickling my Mac Notebook keys trying to wake my heart up to the day ahead.  

2009 is here and I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions.  I don't have any as of yet, but I want to set my sails toward a few things.  I know I want to lose a little weight and take another crack at some additional muscle mass.  I'm not a corpulent lard or anything, but I do feel soft and flabby, a long way from what I used to be back in my soccer-playing-college-days.  I was a chiseled chump sporting a well-sculpted six pack.  It seems like another lifetime.

I'm excited about the new year.  I have some schematics in place to make this a year to remember.  These schematics involved fathering, husbanding, pastoring, adventuring, friending, reading, and Disneying.  That's right.  We're planning a trip with our girls in the coming months to fly down to Florida and hang out with our animated friends in Orlando.  The girls are stoked. They have been Jonesin' to see the magical world of Disney for some time now.  And how I love to make their dreams come true.

Well, my Saturday morning brother-in-arms should be getting here presently, so I will push off.  Thanks for hangin' with me this morning.  May your day be swell and your heart be merry.  Tootles.


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