global warming...hmmm?

Mentally preparing for the Saturday Night service.  I'm speaking about the heart of a man.  If you want to watch it, you can now see the services on by clicking on Media...the sight just launched yesterday thanks to the handy volunteerism of our techy chap Dave VanKeulen.  

What a beautiful day it has been.  53 degrees in the first week of Feb.?  Are you kidding me?  I am a new believer in Global Warming even though two weeks ago it was 5 below zero and I wanted to laugh my head off at Al Gore and his inconvenient truths that seemed more like incoherent truths.  I'm going green again starting today, unless of course, it gets cold again.  Then I will return to my horrible habits of burning plastic and littering profusely.  

life rocks.


bleev said…
Hey Jason,

I tried to access the page where your services are located but I'm a little lost... I'm not sure the name of your sermon and the organization of the listings seem to be in no particular order.

Is your sermon online yet? Is there a way to include the date of the sermon? I'm from out of state but love your blog and would love to keep up with any messages you preach... I've been so blessed!

Jason said…
it's on the media portion under weekend recaps...there are only two messages so far, so it's still pretty new.

thanks for checking in


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