There will always be a need for dreamers...those who take enough time in the secret places to have something to say in the seen places.  People who labor over visions, fighting with them to make sense of sensations.  Souls that listen to the otherworldly notions that tap on their heart's shoulder asking for a moment's pause to process the inconvenient inklings within.

I value this off-roading spirit.  Those who wander beyond the blacktop and on into the woods of wonderment.  I love those who stand at a distance from the well-worn paths of conventional thinking and take a slanted look at the landscape from the ditch.  Those who climb trees for a bird's eye view of the path.  Not to chastise the path or those who walk it.  Not to simply revel in rebellion raging against the machine.  This is not the motive of a true dreamer.

A dreamer just has to wonder what may be missing on the all too familiar path of predicability.  A dreamer wonders what may be lurking the darkness of the nearby wooded hill.  A dreamer wonders if something could be tucked in the darkness that breathes new meaning into pilgrimage.  They are sojourners looking for joy in the journey, their chief draw is not the destination alone.  They are looking for reasons beyond reason.  

Will dreamers ever be understood?  I hope not.  


Ryan and Anna said…
it's unfortunate that the misunderstanding directed towards dreamers is far too often accompanied by a lack of acceptance which manifests itself in a constant pushing for conformity - which is just another word for the murder of one's heart.
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