Note to Self...

Note to self:

Self, you need to think about the three other wheels that aren't squeaky today.  There will always be a 25% freefall of failure and frustration, misfortune and misadventure.  But it's not the whole story, though it may seem so.  

Self, that tight feeling in your neck is trying to tell you something.  Try taking 6 to 8 more breaths a minute and even give breathing through your nose a whirl if you get brave.  That shortness of breath is going to catch up to you...I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but you need oxygen just like the next guy.  Relax.

Self, I know it's been a long day but you will see your family shortly and they are innocently carrying on as if the world were raining blow pops and skittles.  Instead of letting your day leak into theirs, let theirs leak into yours.  You need to chillax with them and not take yourself so seriously.  "Why so serious?" (The Joker)

Self, remember that you're not a complete failure just because you can't fix everything.  You're not from Nazareth, you don't walk on water...last time I checked you haven't risen from the dead nor helped anyone else to do so.  You're just a regular guy, dude.  Give yourself a break.  Don't beat yourself up.  You're not doing that bad of a job.  Nobody wants to kill you regardless of what the last two nights of dreams indicate.  

Self, I kinda like you because you are honest and you talk to me and you like it when I talk back.  It feels kinda skitzo, but there's something therapeutic that happens when I'm conversing with you, I mean with me, I mean, you know, us.  

We're going to be alright, Self.  You and I will be just fine as long as we stick together. It's that fracturing into a split personality thing we gotta watch out for.  I've heard thats where this talking to yourself deal can get kinda maniacal.  

I think you're a pretty cool cat, Self.


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