Artistic little snakes...

My daughters were in a "Celebration of the Arts" recital this last weekend.  It was something that our children's ministry put together to give kids an opportunity to explore the arts and to see if something tugged at their heart strings.  

All of the girls participated in art(drawing, painting, etc) and dance over the last several months putting together pieces that would be displayed for all to see on the night of the recital.  It has been so cool to see them blossom into little artisans over the last few years.  Much of their newfound love for the arts is due in large part to the Kidzone program under the leadership of Andrea and Jennifer.  They are continually stimulated to think imaginatively about life, God and themselves through the arts, be it drama, videography, photography, music, painting, musicals, dance, etc.  The dynamic programming and preparation that happens each and every week around our church calls out the creative in each one of the kids and our daughters are no exception.

So to see them having a chance to express their own hearts via the arts is moving.  I sat there on Friday night and welled up with tears watching them dance around gracefully on the stage glorifying God with the feminine agility of their little bodies.  The way they pointed their toes, or held a pose, or twirled to a certain refrain, or jigged their legs or torsos to a catchy beat just brought my heart to life.  You could tell they were in their element soaking up their moment in the spotlight.  So much hard work was rewarded that night and they performed superbly.

I don't know what kind of church you're a part of out there, but if it doesn't highlight the arts and call out the creativity of the human soul, you're missing out on something God-ordained.  There's just something so cool about being a part of a faith community that preaches the whole gospel to the whole person in the whole world.  It makes you proud to be a Christ-follower and makes you actually want to invite someone to get in on the action.  

You shouldn't feel that when you're inviting people to church, you're inviting them out of life.  It should be an invitation into the most uber, holistic life conceivable.  I'm so lucky to have this sort of Christ-community around me...and around my precious daughters.

A community that isn't just as innocent as doves, they are a shrewd as snakes...


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