Content Driftwood...

What a weekend! At the end of a run like that sometimes I feel like limp seaweed washed ashore by the crashing waves. I lay atop the choppy waters like I'm doing the dead man's float hoping the current will carry me to dry ground.

Driftwood. You ever feel like that. It's a great feeling when you're spent due to Kingdom service. It's as fulfilling as it gets when you lay down your life for your friends. I think it was Paul who said, "I will very gladly spend myself for you, and expend myself as well. If I love you more, will you love me less?" I love that kind of passion. I love that kind of question. There are just days when you come to the end of yourself, and it's there you meet the Carrier Himself who carries you along to the finish line. I felt that several times this weekend.

Last night, I had a hankering to go to a movie--a late one--by myself. I don't do this often enough. I just sat in the theater with a handful of people and got lost in the story. After it was all said and done, people cleared from the theater, but I stayed to watch the scrolling credits until the screen went pitch black. I love listening to the postlude and being entranced by the ascending vertical movement of the words. It's hypnotizing, especially when you're in the state of being and the frame of mind I was coming off the breakneck pace of the weekend. It's cathartic to me. There is a healing that comes in these late-night movies by myself that I can't quite explain.

As I was driving home, I was recounting all the many gifts I have in my life. My wife tops the list of earthly treasures, what with her gorgeous frame and her tender love of my soul. My daughters come in a close second requiring a veritable photo-finish. My church continues to bless me with their patience and grace. My extended family is something I lean into mentally when the going gets tough. My wonderful home and my overwhelming accumulation of possessions, most of which I don't really need to survive. The talents to Lord has seen fit to lavish on me that I don't deserve. The physical health and strength to sustain me when I put on the full court press for the Kingdom, like this last weekend. My band that faithfully and sacrificially stands by my side in the fight for "warship" (my worship for raw worship). My friendships with other men that continue to develop into an alliance of brotherhood. I could think of more given the time, but suffice it to say that I'm blessed beyond measure.

So even though I feel like driftwood today, I say that with a feeling of deep satisfaction. For there are times that it feels so good to relax and let yourself be carried to the shore by the waves of the Father's love. And when he lays you down on the sandy beach, there is something about that feeling of contentment that comes over you that is unrivaled.

So today I'm just going to lay on the shore prostrate, thankful that I'm who I am where I am. I wish I could take time to feel this more in my life.


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