The beginning of a "Third Way" journey...

I'm going to begin a line of logic that is more akin to stirring up a hornet's nest than harvesting the honey that comes from the bees. I think both is vital to the proliferation of truth.

I have been hounded by God, man and my own heart to begin a journey that I honestly don't even know what to call other than a "third way" of seeing that leads to a "third way" of being. I'm tired of being cornered and forced to choose a side on issues that are very clearly not cut and dry. Issues in the sacred text that are almost purposefully places polarities and disparities to keep us from the pride that results from calling of the expedition, the search, the hunt.

When you call off the dogs spiritually speaking, I've seen a grave danger ensue. People who decide on an area of theology or an approach on theology for the sake of their own need for certainty all the while dismissing the clear teaching in the Bible that seems to contradict their no-nonsence belief system do so to their own peril, in my opinion.

I wonder if God wrote His Word like he did to keep us in the dark where we need to be in the dark and in the light where we need to be in the light. "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up"..."The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought."...these verses along with the beginning of 1 Cor. 13 show us that things like "powerful speaking", "mountain-moving faith", "fathoming of all wisdom", "giving money with selfless philanthropy", and even "surrendering your body to the flames of martyrdom"...all mean nothing without Love. We tend to attach to these things as indicators of our own "rightness" or own "confidence" or own "spiritual maturity"...but we need to be careful. To continue to stay on the path of discernment.
Maybe discernment is more important than locking into belief system. Haven't you beleived something before with unwavering passion later to be proven wrong. This should cause us to pause in our dogmatism and religious rhetoric that smacks of "perfect understanding".

Again, I'm not talking about things that are clear and fundamental. I'm talking about very obvious contradictions that have filled the church for multiple generations leading to splits at best, the holy wars of bloodshed at worst.

I want to know the truth...that is where I'm setting my sails. The truth...wherever it may lead.


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