A few of my favorite things...

These are a few of my favorite things.... (Sound of Music reference)

1. A cold nose when I've just come in from a cool autumn evening.
2. Riding my scooter into an early morning sunrise just before the sun crests the horizon.
3. A field of freshly cut hay just after it's been raked into fluffy rows.
4. Fireflies dancing about in my backyard just before sundown.
5. The smell of burning leaves wafting across my property.
6. A cup of coffee hitting my mouth awakening my slumbering taste buds.
7. Little sips of pickle juice right from the jar while watching the news.
8. Relieving myself in the yard at night while looking up at the starry skies. (sorry Heidi)
9. The smell of a fresh application of cedar mulch around my shrubbery.
10. Waving at motorcyclists when I pass them on my scooter. (like I'm one of them)
11. Singing inside my helmet.
12. Watching people meander around in the mall.
13. Reading the first chapter of books in Barnes and Noble.
14. Trying to see new things in old things.
15. Doing pushups while watching UFC reruns on Spike. (I feel very manly)
16. Seeing someone cry in that special moment when they are honored by others.
17. Witnessing transformation in someone life caused by the Holy Spirit.
18. Kissing my wife...even better...her kissing me.
19. Seeing my daughters right after they get a haircut. "Daddy, do you like it?"
20. Being given the privilege of pastoring people. I am blessed.


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