"Genesis" words...

These are the words that stuck out to me as I read through the first 2 chapters of Genesis. I love those chapters...they breathe something into me about my design and God's desire...


Creative, primal, original, innovative, unique, novel, fresh, clean, unusual, inventive, ingenious, new, imaginative, ground-breaking, matchless, distinctive, exceptional, artistic, inspiring, revolutionary

Good, beautiful, stunning, striking, gorgeous, dramatic, dazzling, spectacular, astonishing, surprising, arresting, remarkable, elegant, lovely, alluring, brilliant, fabulous, fascinating, extraordinary, charming, enthralling, intriguing, mesmerizing, captivating, riveting, entrancing

Form, sculpt, carve, shape, mold, craft, fashion, chisel, whittle

Touch, feel, handle, squeeze, contact, stroke, hold, caress, embrace

Dust, terracotta, dirt, soil, mud, earth, clay, loam, ground, sand, land

Breathe, exhale, respire, inspire

Attractive, robust, hearty, healthy, vigorous, energetic, enthusiastic, brisk, full of life, lively, dynamic, vibrant, animated, exciting, pulsating, effervescent, alive, vivacious, stirring, stimulating, electrifying, thrilling, sparkling, spirited, inspiring, breathtaking, radiant

Delightful, idyllic, peaceful calm, tranquil, pleasant, heavenly, serene, soothing, wonderful, blissful, pastoral, countrified, green, rustic, bucolic, agrarian

Freedom, liberty, independence, free will, choice, emancipation, liberation, release, unrestraint, deliverance, rescue

Friendship, companionship, camaraderie, closeness, alliance, amity, company, intimacy, nearness, coalition, association, union, harmony, community, relationship, confidence, partnership, connection, bond, communion


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