The Swaziland Chronicles #9 :: Flying home and Final thoughts.


- We visited the beach on the Indian Ocean briefly on our way to the airport. The disparity of the beautiful beaches of tourism and opulent pleasure for the South African privileged was, again, difficult to reconcile. How could they be so close to each other? It is such a beautiful country that has been ravished by the majority of people being “kept in the dark” and “keeping themselves in the dark”. Make no mistake; it is very clearly both realities that are crippling them.

- As I sit in the airport and the airplanes finishing this entry, I suppose there aren’t enough words to write about my experience. My life will just have to flesh out what was has been indelibly engraved within. I mustn’t try to explain everything with zealotry to every person I meet, for I know how hard it is for others to explain to me what can only be understood when it is experienced by me.

- I will end with these two thoughts, for they have filled my mind on this trip. The first came to me on the flight over: “Above all, love each other deeply, for love covers over a multitude of sins.” – I Peter 4:8. The second thought hit me a couple days ago during the orphan’s sining and it’s been echoing my mind right up to this moment. “Long Live the King.”


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