Adoption...just around the corner.

I've been thinking more about our upcoming adoption lately. That's probably because all the paperwork is done and we're simply waiting by the phone for a referral. It's like waiting for water to boil. The more fixated on it you are, the more it seems to slow down the process.

Over the past month we've settled on adopting 2 boys. One will be under the age of 18 months and the other under the age of 3. We are hoping they are siblings, but that's not a prerequisite. We're adopting from Ethiopia, which is uber exciting to daydream about. I find myself lost in thought sometimes wondering what they look like and what they are doing right now.

Are they born yet? Will they be twins? Will they be tall and skinny, or short and plump? Are they being taken care of right now, or are the malnourished and abandoned waiting for someone to rescue them?

What will it be like to have sons? I'm so used to daughters, I don't have a clue as to how to raise a scrapping young boy. Will they bond to us quickly, or will there be a season of trauma that makes the chemistry difficult? What will it be like to be transported back to the infant stage of diapers and eye infections? What toll will sleeplessness take on us that feels different than our 20's? How will sleeping arrangements work out with 5 children and 3 bedrooms? Will they be circumcised? hehe.

Will my heart connect with them and see them as my own, or will that adjustment take days, months, or even years? Will I kiss them the same way I kiss my daughters and snuggle with them, or will they be standoffish and awkward? If they don't take to our family, will I have the perseverance to treat them the same, or will it lead to insecurity that makes me squirrelly. How will it effect my relationship with my daughters? Will it enhance it or threaten it? Will their excitement wear off quickly, or will their desire for this adoption have staying power?

How will this effect our finances? Will we be stretched to the point of stress? Will God come through when we're out on the limb of faith? What things will we have to do without that we currently enjoy? Will we even notice the ways we're cutting back or will the loss of those amenities be felt?

Will these boys grow to love their lives or will they increasingly struggle with their checkered past and what led them down this detour? Will they see me as their dad, or will I always sort of be the white guy that took them in and fed them and provided for them? Will they want to be like me, or will they wish they could meet their biological father wondering about his whereabouts and features and backstory? Will these boys feel like they are one with our family, or will the color of their skin always remind them that they are outsiders? Even if we pound it into their heads, will they believe us? Will they?

Will our community accept them and welcome them in? Will they find friends at church and school that treat them so normally and naturally that they are unaware of their differences? Will it feel at home in Lowell? Will they like the things I like? Will they be artistic? Will they be athletic? With they love learning? Will they love the outdoors? Will they be outgoing or introspective? Will their unique personalities fit into the dynamic of our current family spirit?

My mind is filled with thousands upon thousands of questions like these. It's racing with excitement and trepidation. It should be, it's about ready to get rocked with the reality of 2 new little Holdridge boys being added to the litter.

May the Lord watch over those two youngin's today wherever they may be and may he prepare our home to be the perfect place for their little hearts to grow and thrive.


Marla Taviano said…
So, so thrilled for you guys.
Cheryle Powers said…
With every minute the time gets closer. All your doubts and fears will soon be upon the family. From my eyes I can see, two little boys being brought into a family that is so worthy of giving them a loving home, sisters, parents and yes spiritual guidance. You will make great parents and the boys will be fortunate to have you. The extended family of Impact will be there to give you support in the ups and downs. These little boys are going to be a blessing to you, your family and to all of Impact. I pray for an easy transition for all those involved. Know that your family is loved and will be cared for, emotionally and spiritually.
Tom Thelen said…
A friend from my work adopted two young siblings from Ethiopia a couple years ago. The kids are the cutest ever, and the family has adjusted well. Most importantly, they literally saved their lives - Mia and Micah would most likely not be alive today without the adoption/intervention. My coworker and his wife learned some unexpected things along the way. For example, they quickly learned that the kids had no concept of dogs being pets, and the sight of a dog would have them shaking in fear. Also, they had never seen TV before, so any type of fantasy or science fiction was also very traumatizing for them. They went through round and rounds of detoxing the kids with antibiotics for parasites. They learned how to cook Ethiopian food from time to time. All this to say, I would be happy to connect you with my friend from work if you would like. It'd probably be beneficial from a health and culture standpoint. Just let me know if you want his info. See ya. - Tom
daniel rudd said…
This makes me smile. Miss you guys.

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