Life is Beautiful.

I'm about to doze off after a beautiful day off.

I took Aly out for breakfast and enjoyed some beautiful conversation with my beautiful middle child.  I walked around my yard and had a beautiful conversation on the phone with a friend who has a beautiful heart.  I took my beautiful family to the new Pixar movie and had a beautiful time snuggling and snickering together as we watched a beautiful masterpiece of creativity.  We headed home to pick up our beautiful house before spending the evening with one of our closest family friends.  We enjoyed a beautiful evening meal out on the back deck and then took our kids to the bike trail and had a beautiful walk where we shared beautiful conversation surrounded by the beauty of nature and the beautiful scenery of the countryside.  After our walk, we came home and had some scrumptious ice cream and watched Tim Hawkins as families sharing laughter and absorbing in the beautiful cure of community.

As I tucked the girls into bed, Kami asked me a beautiful question: "Dad, what is your favorite childhood memory?"  What a beautiful heart she has!  What a beautiful gift my girls are!  What a beautiful wife I've been graced with!  What a beautiful town I live in with a beautiful church community to pastor!  What a beautiful life.

What a beautiful day off.


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