The mental machinations of a mere man...

It's awesome when God speaks to you.

You don't have to crank out product by the sweat of your brow.  Oh, there's a time for perspiration.  But man, oh man, inspiration is where it's at!

When God puts the plan together it happens without guile or grind.
When God weaves his web of connections all your positioning looks silly.
When God leads you to the well, it's never dry.

I spent last week putting together a series for October through November.  It's a huge series in our body each year.  My first idea just crumbled like a cookie when I tried to spec it out.  My second idea took 8 hours to arrange and when I got done, I sat there and thought to myself, that's not doin' nothin' to me, in me, for me, and I'm almost sure it ain't gonna do didly squat through me.  All this labor was leading to more labor.  I was going back and forth completely dizzy between ideas and the mental machinations of a mere man.  A man trying to pull something off, pull something together.

And then God came.  I was waiting for my daughter to get out of school and I heard him whisper into my spirit the book of the Bible that He wanted me to read.  I read it on my iPhone and in less than 15 minutes God downloaded the whole Fall series into my heart and I wrote it on the back page of a piece of my daughters homework.

Cause when God takes you to the well, you don't ever come up dry.

When will I ever learn?


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