A day with my boys...

Day with boys.
"We're a team, but I'm the leader." - Caleb "Here goes nothing." - Joshua "Sharing is not as fun." - Caleb "Watch me, Dad! This is going to be good!" - Joshua "Dad, if I'm naughty are you gonna throw me in the woods?" - Caleb "I love you and and mom. You're my best friends." - Caleb "I found a great idea." - Joshua "Someday I'm gonna stand when I pee like you." - Caleb "Sorry, my bad!" - Joshua "Dad, pull up my butt...it's showing." - Caleb "Dad, I'm tired, Caleb needs a nap." - Joshua "When will I be big enough to be like you, Dad?" - Caleb "I'll try to obey if I can." - Caleb "When's mom getting home?" - Joshua "Just the boys is fun." - Caleb "Superman was adopted." - Joshua
These cats crack me up! #DaddyDay


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