I'm sorry...

I want to say sorry today...

To the world at large: Will you forgive the church for our…
  1. Denominational Schizophrenia
  2. Exclusive Christian Subculture
  3. Money Driven Television Evangelists
  4. Concern for Salvation but not Starvation
  5. Merciless Crusades of Holy War
  6. Angry Fundamentalism and Legalism
  7. Unwillingness to really listen and feel you pain
To our children, this generation we're raising: Will you forgive us parents for the times of…
  1. Monotonous Boredom.
  2. Unprotected Innocence.
  3. Confusing Silence.
  4. Destructive Anger.
  5. Physical, Sexual and Verbal Abuse.
  6. Workaholism and Distraction.
  7. Hidden Sexual Addiction.
  8. Spiritual Rebellion.
  9. Financial Irresponsibility.
  10.  Missing Physical Affection.
To God for myself: Will you forgive me for my…

  1. Unrealistic Expectations 
  2. Sinful Secrets.
  3. Unforgiving and Angry Heart.
  4. Materialistic Obsession.
  5. People-Pleasing Preoccupation.
  6. Inability to Apologize.
  7. Cowardly Lifestyle.
  8. Chronic Discontentment.
  9.  Addiction to Busyness.
It just seemed like one of those days to start the day with some apologies...


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