Just another manic monday...

not really. I just thought about that old song sung by a girl that sounds like she's a teeny bopper coming down off a weekend high. I wonder what it is about mondays that often feels so gloomy. Maybe it's the time to reflect on the weekend gone by and to ask yourself if you spent it well. Just taking time to ask those simple questions puts you in a rare catagory of humanity.

On this Monday...I don't feel manic, that's for sure. Just contemplative. I feel like sitting on a porch swing and asking myself tons of questions.

I wish for more friends to share my questions with. One great facet about life as of late is the closeness I feel with my wife. We've been praying together and talking together more about life...its hidden caverns, its twists and turns, its ups and downs, its goods and bads. Boy, that's been good to have. Friendship with your wife is unrivaled. I wish as a couple we had friends that we could sit up and talk with until the early morning hours.

I wish frienship was more of a priority in our culture. Weeks and months fly by with little to no deep contact with other couples. I'm not talking about individual friendship at this point...I'm talking about couple to couple frienships. Those are rare.

I wish for them today.


Andrea Rudd said…
Well, why don't you call us then? We miss you guys!

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