restless legs syndrome...

I'm a softy. I'm sympathetic to even pathetic situations. I'm moved with compassion over seemingly insignificant scenerios. My heart goes out to almost anyone who is wrestling with turmoil or trouble.

But restless legs syndrome? Come on. No kidding...I just saw the commercial on T.V. and they were talking about taking medication and consulting your doctor about this physical condition. Granted, I haven't done research, so I don't have a leg to stand on in my argument, but I have a hard time believing there is such a thing. What is the next syndrome going to be?

itchy nose syndrome
lazy butt syndrome
disheveled hair syndrome
figgity fingers syndrome
droopy eyelids syndrome
sweaty feet sydrome
cracked lips syndrome
growing hips syndrome
sleepy seeds syndrome
chapped thighs syndrome
ansy calf muscles syndrome
giddy cheeks syndrome
drooling spittle syndrome
overactive tongue syndrome
erratic blinking syndrome
selective hearing syndrome
incessant droning on and on syndrome
chattering teeth syndrome
congested ear wax syndrome
unwanted hair syndrome
irresistible fingernails syndrome

I could sit here all day long and drum up human idiosyncrasies that are unfortunate. But I'm not sure medicating these things is the solution. Maybe it's just me, but I'm sick of being a part of a culture that is so childish as to shift blame to crazy medical conditions that are nothing more than wild goose chases and easter egg hunts.

Maybe people have "restless legs". Maybe it's connected to something neurotic in nature. And maybe I'm insensitive. And maybe, just maybe we're all a bunch of space cadets.

If you have restless legs...I apologize.


KizMar said…
Funny how no one wants to work on the real problems anymore. They just want a pill to fix the symptom.
joe @ WaYfm said…
Haha I've had restless leg syndrome on occasional nights. Not very often though. Basically, your legs just ache and it's hard to keep them still. Very weird and it's gone after a good night's sleep.

Someone once told me it stems from a lack of potassium. Who knows.

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