What have we become...

what have we become?

Cute Christianity

Was John the Baptist Polite and Political,
Sociable and Civilized,
Domesticated and Docile,
Cautious and Conservative,
Stable and Steady,
Predictable and Proper,
Consistent and Constant,
Reputable and Respectable,
Composed and Calm,
Secure and Sound,
Balanced and Behaved,
Poised and Posh,
Diplomatic and Decent,
Tame and Timid,
Refined and Reserved,
Subdued and Serious,
Collected and Confident,
Nice and Neat,
Clean and Careful,
Trustworthy and Teachable,
Cultured and Cultivated,
Moderate and Modest,
Reasonable and Rational,
Sensible and Sound,
Logical and Level-headed,
Sophisticated and Stylish,
Pleasing and Pleasant,
Conventional and Convincing,
Appropriate and Amiable,
Friendly and Fitting,
Traditional and Timely,
Orderly and Organized,
Methodical and Meticulous,
Smooth and Suave,
Concise and Cute,
Intelligent and Inviting,
Universal and Uniform,
Upstanding and Upright,
Separated and Safe,
Corporate and Commercial,
Suspicious and Segregated,
Professional and Proficient,
Groomed and Gregarious?

Then why has religion turned us into this?
We have been bred into banal beings of boredom…
A colorless, savorless, lifeless, loveless collection of Christians
Who have traded godliness for loveliness.
We need more John the Baptists and less Johnny Appleseeds.


Kate McDonald said…
LOVE this... i am saving it to my computer
pianoman said…

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