It happened...

tonight was awesome! It has been so long since I've felt free in long. There's something about a setting with candles in the evening with a group of people who want to go after God's heart that just cracks open a part of me that rarely gets seen or felt.

we gathered as a church for our first worship night. In a church that is not yet three years old filled with new believers, musical worship doesn't necessarily just happen upon conversion. It's a process of growing in your freedom of expression. So many are so shy to cut loose in God's presence. But tonight I saw such amazing leaps of life development in our toodler church. It was amazing to be a part of. There's something about breaking new's exhilerating. Seeing new believers just lifting their hands and hearts to God, kneeling in worship, taking communion, shedding tears, clapping to the Lord, yelling out in was so sweet!

Thank you God for meeting with us...sometimes you just surprise me.


Kathy said…
I love worship when the spirit of our Lord can bring me to my knees. So powerful.

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