on vacation...

I'm sitting in my childhood home. I just picked a peck of strawberries for a strawberry-rhubarb pie...my mother's pies are to die for. Kami is helping gramma pluck the stems. There's something about this piece of land and the atmosphere of this home that makes me feel like I step back in time, not just 15 years, but 200. It's colonial like, idyllic, agrarian. The garden is delicately tilled, the plants are treated with care. The flower gardens are smiling with every color of the painters palet. The woods are just as inviting as they were when I was a young boy seeking adventure at all costs. It's a Shiloh...a haven, a restful abode.

I slept in today until 9:00am. It felt like the day was half over. If that wasn't lethargic enough, I took a two hour nap this afternoon to put the cherry on top of my lazy day. If feels so good. With a little World Cup viewing and some stories exchanged with my 90 year old grandfather, I'm settling into this thing called vacation...I think my soul needed it.

Tonight we have nothing planned...nothing. We are going to eat pie, talk around the dinner table and play. How often do I give life a chance to set the table, make the call, or make the first move? Almost never...I have it scheduled out efficiently crowding out serenity and spontanaity. Life is used. Today, life is in the drivers seat. I'm following its contours, its texture, its leadership. It feels old-fashioned of all things.

So as I type this bit of data, I'm enjoying the respite from hectic break-neck American culture. I'm lounging, veg-ing, soaking in the beauty of doing nothing. Ahhhhh.


pianoman said…
sounds absolutely beautiful and refreshing. and i like your new format. kind of matches your latest blog somehow.


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